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A spectacular exhibition of contemporary botanical art featuring Australia’s finest botanical and natural science artists.


Acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading botanical art exhibitions, Botanica will be held at the delightful Lion Gate Lodge in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney from 24 May to 15 June 2014. Open 10 am - 4 pm daily, entry to the exhibition is free and all works are for sale.

The plight of the pollinators is an important story and the aim of this year’s exhibition is to highlight that pollinators, worldwide, are in trouble. Botanica curator Judy Dunstan sees the inclusion of pollinators in the exhibition as a natural fit. 'Botanica has always been a showcase of excellence in botanical art. But plants don’t function in isolation. Many have evolved to attract animals to assist them in fertilisation and later in dispersing their seed. This year we are including pollinators, with plants or alone, as subjects. We’ll focus on smaller pollinators - butterflies, small birds, bees, wasps - rather than the large ones'.

Botanica has a proud history of exhibiting the best of Australia’s botanical artists - ranked by many as among the best in the world.  Included in this year’s exhibition will be works by Beverly Allen, Annie Hughes, Sandra Sanger, David Mackay, John Pastoriza-Pinol, Barbara Duckworth, Deirdre Bean, Angela Lober and Elaine Musgrave. 

This year’s exhibition also features works using non-traditional media such as coloured pencil, as well as sculptures of pollen in polymer clay by Natalie Maras.

Botanical art remains a popular and highly collectable art form and whilst it must be scientifically correct, it also embraces a strong artistic sensibility. Originally documenting the natural world for reference, this clear and lucid illustration of plant-life is now appreciated by a wide audience for its contemporary art value.

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Exhibition details

When: 24 May - 15 June 2014, open daily from 10 am – 4 pm
Where: Lion Gate Lodge, the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney
Cost: Free entry
Contact us: 02 9231 8182 or email


Beverly Allen Stag beetle
Stag beetle by Beverly Allen
 Angela Lober Hydrangea macrophylla autumn hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophylla by Angela Lober  

Leonie Norton eucalyptus leaves with various insects
Eucalytus leaves by Leonie Norton

Globe artichoke by Annie Hughes

Beverly Allen-ragged-robin
Ragged robin by Beverly AllenSandra-Sanger
Sandra Sanger