Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Community support

The Trust acknowledges the thousands of hours volunteers contribute each year to the work of the Trust. This year, 244 Trust volunteers and 450 Friends volunteers contributed 42,500 hours in a diverse range of programs, equivalent to well over $850,000 value in kind.

The Growing Friends contributed an outstanding 10,800 hours, with the Sydney Gardens extending its program to six day-teams. The Friends’ exhibition, catering and works team were instrumental in the success of the ‘Botanica’ and ‘Artisans’ exhibitions and the information booth, while office volunteers and speakers bureau continue to play vital roles in their support of the Friends and the Trust.

Volunteer guides across the three sites recorded approximately 8,500 hours of service, not including their many hours of personal research and training, interpreting the living collection and promoting the Trust’s mission ‘to inspire the appreciation and conservation of plants’. In addition to leading free and booked guided walks and providing information at the visitor centres, the guides introduced a new ‘Talk and Walk’ series in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The bush regeneration volunteers at Mount Annan continued work on their important objective to remove African Olive, Chilean Needle Grass and other priority environmental weeds. This year they celebrated their 8th anniversary and Mount Annan Botanic Garden funded some volunteers to attend a bush care program.

The Herbarium volunteers mounted over 15,000 plant specimens, including a large number of historical specimens collected by Robert Brown, George Caley and Allan Cunningham. The Library volunteers were involved in many projects, including indexing the photographic collection, conducting an oral history project, and managing the Florilegium Society and exhibition.

The Begonia Garden volunteers undertook a stocktake of the collection and assisted in hosting visits by international Begonia societies. The Begonia Garden was also featured on ABC’s ‘Gardening Australia’. The nursery-based specialist program was extended to include palm volunteers. Members of the Palm and Cycad Society of Australia will assist the Trust in producing maps of the Palm Grove and updating names of palms.

The volunteer program committee, consisting of representatives from all volunteer program areas, continued developing policies and procedures for volunteerism. All volunteer programs now pay greater attention to safe work practices to keep volunteers and staff working with them safe. The committee also contributed to the development of a whole of DECC volunteer policy and hosted a trial two-day training course for interested DECC volunteer supervisors and staff.

Approximately 170 people attended the Executive Director’s thankyou event for volunteers at the Pavilion on the Park restaurant in December, to coincide with International Volunteers Day.

Thirty one volunteers were recognised for their outstanding service to the Trust:

25 years

  • Friends of The Gardens: Sunday Brent
  • Volunteer Guide: John Mathews

20 years

  • Friends of The Gardens: Jann Meikle and John Meikle
  • Volunteer Guide: Eric Darley

15 years

  • Friends of The Gardens: Ecila Simpson, Mary Threlfall
  • Herbarium: Margaret Carrigg, Julie Taylor, Betty Thurley

10 Years

  • Begonia Garden Volunteer: Lee Sanders
  • Friends of The Gardens: Margaret Chambers, Heather Davidson, Maureen Foord, Margaret Hanks, John Hinson (13 years), Ruth Foster, Lynne King Joan Lovibond, Robin McIntyre, Margaret and Patrick Mills Enid Ross, Jennifer Wilson, Margaret Young
  • Friends Volunteer and Volunteer Guide: (10 years service to both programs) Beryl Ferguson
  • Herbarium Volunteers: Michael Isbell, Ann Wilcher

Friends of The Gardens

Friends of The Gardens committee elected/appointed in November 2008: Raoul de Ferranti (President), Ann Rasmussen (Vice President), Juvie Ormonde (Secretary and Public Officer), Hugh Springford (Treasurer), Liz Dent (Volunteer co-ordinator), Wendy Atmore, Peter Ayres, Russell Beardmore, Eleanor Cornish, Alex Halliday, Kim Hines, Debbie McDonald, Jocelyn McGirr, Elizabeth McNaughton, Caro Webster and ex-officio Annie Sutherland (Executive Officer), Tim Entwisle (Executive Director BGT), Mark Savio (BGT staff) and Tim Jackson (BGT Trustee).

Friends continued to provide significant financial and practical support to the Trust. The seasonal magazine The Gardens includes additional pages prepared by and for the Botanic Gardens Trust and provided information about Friends’ events and articles of interest, as well as details of tours and benefits available to members. A monthly e-newsletter to members provided late-breaking news of the Trust and Friends, events, as well as special offers.

Trust staff continued to support the Friends in a variety of ways with wonderful assistance given to the Growing Friends by horticulture staff, Cottages 5 and 6 being made available for use by Friends, inclusion in the IT network and support in the use of venues. Many Trust staff brought friends and relatives to enjoy the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the Mare and Foal Lawn in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Overseas tours took place to Highgrove and Gardens in England, Canberra, Japan and the Larapinta Trail in central Australia. The numbers of tours undertaken each year are being rationalised and are being promoted by other Friends’ groups around Australia.

The program of walks and talks continued at Mount Annan Botanic Garden and in the Royal Botanic Gardens where two major exhibitions: ‘Botanica - From the Desert to the Sea’ and ‘Artisans in the Gardens’ were also held. Growing Friends continues to expand.

This year the Friends raised over $586,000, reflecting the current economic constraints. After expenses, the net surplus was approximately $220,000, a decrease from last year. In addition, the Friends’ Trust Fund received donations of over $210,000.

The Friends (including the Friends’ Trust Fund) made the following donations to the Trust:

  • Annual Scholarship 2006 $8,000
  • Annual Scholarship 2007 $10,000
  • Margaret Flockton Award 2008 / Florilegium $409
  • Margaret Flockton Award 2009 $9,103
  • Contribution to direct costs $45,000
  • Donation to three nurseries $6,000
  • Connections Garden, Mount Annan $100,000
  • Library, microfiche reader $3,406
  • Seedbank, Mount Annan $2,000
  • Signage, Domain and Royal Botanic Gardens $18,325
  • Trees in the Gardens website $14,760
  • Student Internships, Science, 2009 $14,000
  • Tree Management, Mount Tomah $11,454
  • Solar pump, Royal Botanic Gardens Twin Ponds $20,000
  • Central Precinct wayfinding signage, Mount Annan $15,000
  • PlantBank project, 2016 Bicentenary $47,100
  • Plant diversity program, 2016
  • Bicentenary $4,857
  • DNA free laboratory $8,000
  • Garden lighting, Lion Gate Lodge $3,869
  • Sundry $4,105

Total $345,388

Total committed to projects in progress $352,709

Donations of books and magazines were made to Community Greening, following the second-hand book sale. Plants propagated by Growing Friends were donated to the Trust for a variety of uses: Community Greening, Community Education, Mount Annan Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens and for sale in the Gardens’ shops.

Friends’ Volunteers

The Friends is dependent on contributions from volunteers. Volunteers not only give their time, but also bring many talents and skills to the organisation and enable the Friends to undertake a wide variety of activities. Many volunteers serve on committees or sub-committees which oversee the many interests of the Friends and many more coordinate and work at various events.

Volunteers represent Friends of The Gardens at outside events and support Trust events. They also promote membership of the Friends and give presentations to other organisations.

Friends’ volunteers (380 positions) serve in the following areas: administration in the Friends’ office, information booth at Woolloomooloo Gate, ‘Artisans’ exhibition, ‘Botanica’ exhibition, New Year’s Eve in the Royal Botanic Gardens, speakers bureau, book sales, art classes, wildlife monitoring, tree watering and at all three estates on activities and events sub-committees, catering for events, as well as promoting membership.

The Growing Friends at all three Gardens continued propagating and selling plants. Sales were held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Mount AnnanBotanic Garden and again at the Collectors Plant Fair at Bilpin. This group has continued to provide substantial revenue to the Friends. In the Royal Botanic Gardens, sales held on Saturdays once each month (in addition to the daily weekday sales) which were trialled last year, continued with increasing success. The sales area in the Royal Botanic Gardens was improved and now presents as a professional nursery.

Friends’ volunteers

Friends’ volunteers continued to support a wide range of activities during the year, contributing significantly to their success: catering for the many Friends’ events, staffing the information booth, supporting exhibitions, events and sales, assisting in the Friends’ office and working on committees. Many volunteers worked in more than one area. Two additional key areas of volunteering were watering assistance (as needed) and the Growing Friends’ propagation and selling of plants. The Friends acknowledges the collaboration with Botanic Gardens Trust staff in these two areas of volunteering. The Growing Friends’ group, which has teams at each of the Gardens, has particularly benefited from the support of Trust staff.

Active volunteers

Ms Christine Allen, Mr David Allen, Ms Judith Anderson, Mrs Roslyn Andrews, Ms Ruth Armstrong, Mrs Anne Arnott, Mrs Rae Assender, Mrs Wendy Atmore, Dr Peter Ayres, Mrs Marilyn Baggio, Mrs Victoria Bannon, Mrs Jan Beardmore, Mr Russell Beardmore, Mrs Katherine Bell, Mrs Jenifer Best, Mr Victor Betteridge, Mrs Prunella Booth, Mrs Julie Boreham, Mr Noel Boreham, Mrs Heather Branch, Mrs Caroline Bray, Miss Sunday Brent, Mrs Helen Brockhoff, Ms Wendy Brodhurst, Mr Chris Browne, Mr Rodney Browne, Mr Jean-Louis Buhagiar, Ms Lynne Cairncross, Mrs Libby Cameron, Ms Marianne Cannon, Mrs Alison Carr, Mr Robert Carruthers, Miss Tricia Cavenagh, Mrs Kate Chambers, Mrs Margaret Chambers, Mrs Margot Child, Ms Dawne Clark, Mrs Diana Coates, Ms Leora Cohen, Mrs Susan Cohen, Mrs Kath Collins, Mrs Gillian Cook, Ms Annie Cooney, Mrs Eleanor Cornish, Ms Wendy Cottee, Mrs Susan Cowan, Ms Julie Cremer, Mr Barry Cresswell, Mrs Heather Crompton, Mr Brian Darlington, Mrs Catherine Darmo, Mrs Heather Davidson, Mrs Catherine Davies, Mr Michael Davies, Mrs Bev Davis, Mrs Carolyn Davis, Mrs Elizabeth Davis OAM, Mrs Georgina de Burgh, Mr Raoul de Ferranti, Ms Susanne de Ferranti, Mr Des Dent, Ms Elizabeth Dent, Miss Pat Duncan, Mrs Chris Elliott, Mrs Jan Etteridge, Mr Bruce Fergus, Mrs Beryl Ferguson, Mrs Annie Fergusson, Mrs Janet Fish, Mrs Suzanne Fitzhardinge, Mrs Margaret Fitzpatrick, Mrs Deirdre Fleeting, Ms Maureen Foord, Mrs Barbara Forward, Mrs Lesley Foster, Mrs Ruth Foster, Mrs Ruth Fowler, Ms Elizabeth Garbacz, Mrs Diana Garder, Mr Wayne Gardner, Mrs Julia Gardoll, Mrs Heather Goodwin, Mrs Polly Gow, Mr Philip Gray, Mrs Carolyn Green, Mrs Carol Griesser, Mrs Dallas Griffin, Mrs Jan Grimison, Ms Leanne Grimstone, Mrs Anne Grose, Mr Michael Guffond, Ms Robin Guthrie, Mr Alex Halliday, Mrs Jo Hambrett, Mr John Hancock, Mrs Margaret Hanks, Mr Philip Hannaford, Mrs Sandra Hannaford, Ms Lynne Harlow, Mr Peter Harrigan, Mrs Joanna Harrop, Ms Anne Hawker, Mrs Patricia Hay, Mr Barrie Heidenreich, Mrs Helen Hemphill, Mrs Eleanor Herriott, Mr Alan Hind, Mrs Liz Hind, Ms Kim Hines, Mr John Hinson, Mrs Rosemary Hodgkinson, Mr Geoffrey Hook, Mrs Lesley Hook, Mrs Libby Horrobin, Mrs Joan Humphreys, Mrs Suzanne Isherwood, Mrs Tim Jackson, Mrs Jeanie Jagelman, Mrs Nicky Joffe, Mrs Jillian Johnson, Mrs Winsome Johnstone, Mrs Ann Keats, Mrs Helen Keene, Mrs Marisa Kemp, Mrs Rosemary Kenney-Herbert, Mrs Mary Kersey, Mrs Susan Khouri, Ms Annie Kiefer, Mrs Gabrielle King, Mrs Lynne King, Dr Diana Kingston, Mrs Robyn Kirby, Mrs Suzanne Knowles, Mr Mel Kovacs, Mr Greg Lamont, Mrs Barbara Lane, Ms Sybil Laws, Mrs Gayl Leake, Mrs Robin Leonard, Mrs Barbara Lewis, Mrs Lorraine Long, Ms Bettina Ludowici, Mrs Robyn Macintosh, Mrs Judith MacIntyre, Mrs Margaret Mahony, Miss Rae Mashford, Ms Deryl Mason, Mr Mark Massey, Mrs Robyn Matthews, Mrs Elizabeth McCabe, Ms Ann McCauley, Mrs Jenifer McDermott, Ms Debbie McDonald, Mrs Janette McDonald, Dr Stan McDonald, Ms Jocelyn McGirr, Mrs Ann McIntyre, Mrs Robin McIntyre, Mrs Judith McKernan, Ms Sue McLay, Mrs Janet McMahon, Mrs Elizabeth McNaughton, Ms Madeleine McPherson, Mrs Susan Meares, Mrs Jann Meikle, Mr John Meikle, Mrs Ingrid Meyer, Mrs Beth Michie, Mr John Middleton, Mrs Rosemary Millar, Mrs Margaret Mills, Mr Patrick Mills, Mrs Pam Milthorpe, Mrs Judith Mitchell, Ms Robyn Mitchinson, Mrs Barbara Moffatt, Mrs Dianne Moore, Mrs Kerin Moorehead, Mrs Manja Morey, Mrs Elizabeth Morgan, Mrs Jan Morgan, Mr Sean Mullen, Mrs Anne Neild, Mrs Diane Newsom, Mr John O’Neill, Ms Juvenalia Ormonde, Ms Trish O’Rourke, Mr Mark Paul, Mrs Susan Paxton, Mrs Wendy Perkins, Mrs Rosemarie Pettit, Mrs Elisabeth Pidd, Mrs Margery Postlethwaite, Mrs Sandy Pratten, Mrs Jill Prior, Mrs Liz Purchas, Mrs Joyce Ramsay, Ms Ann Rasmussen, Mr Jorgen Rasmussen, Mrs Peta Rattray, Mr Geoffrey Richards, Mrs Suzanne Richards, Mrs Gillian Richmond, Dr Alexander Robertson, Mrs Dorothy Robertson, Mr Bruce Robertson OAM, Mrs Beverley Roden, Ms Shelley Roden- Smith, Mrs Jane Rodgers, Mrs Helen Rogers, Ms Lorna Rose, Mr Douglas Roser, Mrs Karen Roser, Mrs Enid Ross, Ms Kathlyn Rowlands, Mrs Joyce Roy, Professor Paul Roy, Mrs Carmen Sablatnig, Mrs Nancy Saffioti, Mrs Elva Salter, Mrs Joan Scott, Mrs Rosemary Sewell, Mrs Doris Shearman, Mr Graham Shields, Mrs Patricia Shields, Mrs Ute Short, Mrs Bettine Silver, Ms Ecila Simpson, Mrs Lesley Simpson, Mr Timothy Sjoquist, Mrs Judith Sleijpen, Mr Colin Snodgrass, Mrs Janet Snodgrass, Mrs Prue Socha, Mrs Mavis Sourry, Mr Bruce Spence, Mrs Patricia Spring, Mr Hugh Springford, Mrs Robyn Stafford, Mrs Margaret Stewart, Ms Diana Storer, Ms Lindy Stuart, Mrs Primrose Sully, Ms Eleanor Sydney- Jones, Mrs Elfriede Taylor, Dr Hugh Taylor, Mrs Ailsa Thompson, Mr Philip Thompson, Mrs Frieda Thornhill, Mr Peter Thornhill, Ms Stefani Thornthwaite, Mrs Mary Threlfall, Mrs Judith Tiley, Ms Jane Treloar, Mr John Tunbridge, Mrs Margaret Turner, Dr Anne Underwood, Dr Peter Valder, Mrs Anne van Roekel, Mr Arnold Vink, Ms Lynn Vlismas, Ms Joan Walsh, Ms Susan Wannan, Mrs Maureen Ward, Ms Robyn Ward, Mr Antony Waterworth, Mrs Angela Webb, Mrs Caroline Webster, Mrs Sally Wheatley, Ms Roslyn Wheeler, Ms Sue Whitham, Mrs Jann Wiener, Ms Joan Wilcox, Mrs Elizabeth Wills, Mrs Jennifer Wilson, Mr Neil Wilson, Mrs Jean Winton, Mrs Margaret Young, Ms Susan Young, Mrs Vivien Young

Friends Waratah Members

Friends who gave extra financial support through their Waratah membership during the year include:

Gold Waratahs, who gave $1000 or more: Mrs Zeny & Mr Bruce Edwards, Mr John Egan, Mr John Flint & Mrs Nora Hinchen, Mr Graham & Mrs Virginia Froebel, Mr Raffael & Mrs Margaret Garofano, Mr Neville H Grace, Dr Max & Mrs Tess Hooper, Mrs Judith MacIntyre, Mrs Susan Maple-Brown, Maple-Brown Family Charitable Foundation, Mrs Judith & Mr John McKernan, Mr Doug & Mrs Greta Moran, Mr Geoff & Mrs Rachel O’Conor, Dr Alex & Mrs Dorothy Robertson, Mrs Susan Rothwell, Mr Bill & Mrs Maureen Ryan, Mr Mark & Mrs Ruth Sampson, Miss Alison Stephen, Mrs Jean Wilson

Silver Waratahs, who gave $500 or more: Mrs Geraldine & Mr Christopher Arnott, Dr Charles S Barnes, Ms Shane Bedford & Ms Linda Hunt, Mr Warren & Mrs Nancy Boyd, Mr Donald & Mrs Sally Bradford, Mrs Elizabeth Davis OAM, Ms Anne De Salis, Dr Roderick & Mrs Gillian Deane, Mrs Annie & Mr Jim Fergusson, Mr Bruce Flood & Ms Kathy Olsen, Mrs Nancy Fox & Mr Bruce Arnold, Mr David Fuller, Mr Warren Green, Dr Catherine Guy, Ms Anne Hawker, Mrs Annie Hughes, Dr Michael & Mrs Penny Hunter, Mr Gordon & Mrs Jeanette King, Miss Nina Loder, Dr Kathryn Lovric & Dr Roger Allan, Mrs Mary Rose & Dr Colin McDonald, Dr David & Mrs Barbara Millons, Mrs Caroline Minogue, Dr Kenneth & Mrs Helen Neale, Ms Jill Paterson, Mr David & Mrs Patricia Pulsford, Mrs Patricia Reid, Dr Mary & Dr Nancy Rickard, Mrs Janis Salisbury, Mrs Ruth Staples, Ms Eleanor Sydney-Jones, Mr ER & Mrs ME Vellacott, Ms Robyn & Mr Terry Winton, Mrs Jill Wran

Bronze Waratahs, who gave $250 or more: Mrs Beryl Adamson, Mr Geoffrey Ainsworth & Ms Laura Olsson, Mrs Antoinette Albert, Mrs Nancy Anderson, Mrs Judith Andrews, Ms Gillian Appleton, Mrs Chris Armour, Australian Institute of Horticulture Inc., Mr Henry & Mrs Peta Badgery, Mr Stephen & Mrs Alexandra Barratt, Lady Beattie, Dr Barbara Briggs, Mr Edmund Burgess & Ms Renette Townsend, Mrs Andrea Bye, Mr Geoffrey & Mrs Sarah Cains, Miss Beverley Cameron, Mrs Adrienne Campbell, Dr Donald & Mrs Margot Child, Mr Paul & Mrs Dianne Cini, Mr Robert & Mrs Janet Constable, Dr Ian & Mrs Diana Daly, Ms Susanne de Ferranti, Prof Geoffrey & Mrs Jan Driscoll, Dr Julie Fitness, Mr Ian Fraser, Dr Richard & Mrs Shona Gallagher, Mr Andrew & Mrs Narelle Gatenby, Mr Allan Gilden, Mrs Dallas & Mr Brian Griffin, Mr Jim & Mrs Ruth Hallmark, Mrs Jo Hambrett, Mrs Hope Hanks, Mr Owen Haviland & Ms Susan Hope, Ms Janita & Mr Philip Hercus, Mrs Pamela Hindes, Mr William Hodgson, Mr John & Mrs Mary Holt, Mrs Sheila & Mr Philip Jacobson, Mrs Christina Kennedy, Mrs Christine Kenworthy, Dr Holly Kerr Forsyth, Mrs Susan & Mr Gilles Kryger, Prof Michael & Mrs Sarah Lawrence, Ms Julie Lee, Ms Robin Low, Dr David & Mrs Judith Maynard, Mr Jock & Mrs Sandra McDonald, Mrs Susan & Mr Richard Miles, Mrs Caroline Minogue, Mr Andrew Mitchell & Mr Brendan Hartnett, Ms Helen Murray, Mr David & Mrs Cheryl Nelson, Mr Robert & Mr Derek Paisley, Mrs Sandra Robberds, Mr Bruce Robertson OAM & Mrs Gladys Robertson, Mrs Beverley Robson, Mrs Beverley Roden, Mrs Louise & Mr Donald Rowston, Dr Diana & Dr Peter Sainsbury, Mr John Southwell OAM, Mrs Ruth Staples, Miss Suzanne Stebbings, Miss Kathryn Stoddart, Ms Marion and Mr James Taylor, Dr Mary Taylor, Mrs Aline & Mr Peter Ter Horst, Mr Graham & Mrs Beverley Thompson, Mr Simon Turner, Mrs Francis Walsh, Dr John & Mrs Beverley Warneford, Mrs Heather Williams, Ms Jane Williams & Mr Peter Moll, Mr John & Mrs Irene Willimott, Mrs Elizabeth Wills, Mrs J.O. & Dr W.H. Wolfenden

Trust Volunteers

Contributions by Trust volunteers - such as mounting of preserved specimens in the Herbarium, guided walks, bush regeneration and Begonia Garden care - are documented in the main body of the annual report.

Thank You

We thank all the following volunteers for their help and support in 2008-09.

Guides: Royal Botanic Gardens

Adrienne Alexander, Elizabeth Anderson, Maria Arimon, Phillip Armstrong, Mike Barrett, Janet Bennett, Rosemary Blakeney, Heather Branch, Caroline Bray, Lisle Brown, Joan Bryant, Noelene Burns, Joy Cambage, David Chandler, Lesley Clarke, Judith Collins, Julie Collins, Allan Correy, Lynne Cusack, Eric Darley, Gillian Davies, Elizabeth Davis OAM, Sharon De Souza, Flora Deverall, Gillian Dodd, Barbara Dunne, Noel Elliot, Helen Ephraums, Beryl Ferguson, Jan Gibson, Rosemary Gleeson, Helen Gray, Thelma Griffiths, Susanne Giuffre, Jill Hankinson, Anne Heasman, Helen Hemphill, Jean Hobbs, Dorothy Holland, Daphne Howie, Glenn Johnson, Johanna Jones, Marion Lean, Graeme Lees, Gabrielle Loneragan, Ann Martin, John Mathews, Jeannette Manyweathers, Toni McDowell, Lyn McGrath, Judith Maynard, Lynda Newnam, Jim Nicol, Susan North Ash, Bob O’Brien, Erol Omar, John Page, Jill Paterson, Jenny Pattison, Dianne Peters, Roger Pittaway, Marian Plaude, Sandy Pratten, Wendy Pratten, Helen Rann, Rosemary Roberts, Yvonne Roberts, Sally Rutherford, Ginny Sadubin, Brian Sewell, Margaret Ann Smith, Mavis Sourry, Morris Stocker, Carol Style, Kate Symons, Mary Threlfall, Hilary Vallance, Arnold Vink, Berenice Walker, Fay Warren, Helen Williams

Begonia Garden: Royal Botanic Gardens

Wendy Atmore, Margaret Chedra, Gordon Chivers, Bruce Fergus, Michael Guffon, Lee Sanders, Peter Sharp

Fauna Monitoring: Royal Botanic Gardens

Doug Allen, Miri Dick, Catriona Duncan, Jenni Grant, Michael Illy, Fred Payne, Tim Pearson, Christopher Rodrigues, Kai Tando, Anne Underwood, Claire Wellington

Science: Herbarium

Beverley Allen, Kathleen Allen, Lydia Bell, Margaret Bell, Pamella Bell, Chris Belshaw, Carol Bentley, Rosemary Blakeney, Wayne Brailey, Harry Brian, Ellen Brien, Louise Broadhead, Kathryn Brown, Dawn Bunce, David Buncel, Lynette Burns, Mary Cail, Diane Calder, Margaret Carrigg, Margot Child, Anne Collins, Anthony Curry, Barbara Darmanin, Jane D’Olier, David Drage, Helen Flinn, Gladys Foster, Jane Helsham, Rachel Hill, Alick Hobbes, Jim Hoffmann, Beverley Honey, Mike Isbell, Susan Jalaluddin, Trevor Kruger, Fred Langshaw, Gwenda Levy, Lorraine McCarthy, Malcolm McDonald, Ena Middleton, Jenna Nielsen, Barbara Page, Sally Paton, John Pearce, Aileen Phipps, Dorothy Pye, Beth Radford, Ann Rahaley, Daniel Robinson, Theresa Sergeant, Evelyn Shervington, Graham Shields, Carol Sinclair, Lois Stewart, Julie Taylor, Elisabeth Thilo, Betty Thurley, Ruth Toop, Shelagh Trengove, Valerie Trigg, Rosemary Varley, Denise Walker, Ann Wilcher, Jean Williams

Growing Friends: Mount Annan

Robert Carruthers, Kath Collins, Brian Darlington, Therese Darmo, Carol Griesser, Kim Hines, Marisa Kemp, Lesley Hook, Robyn McIntyre, Ingrid Meyer, Anne Underwood, Jean Winton

Bush Regeneration: Mount Annan

Richard Austin, Joel Daniels, Robyn Davies, Ron Davies, Alicia Draper, David Eden, John Harrison, Lesley Hook, Leonie Kelly, Bronwyn Kery, Mira Paounova, Hannah Shuttleworth, Eileen Shuttleworth, Duncan Stewart, Kris Stolzenhein, Rodney Ward, Doreen Ward

Horticultural Research: Mount Annan

Carol Griesser, Robert Curruthers, Kim Hines, Gwenda Levy

Guides: Mount Annan

Peter Andrews, Denis Astill, Jim Colvin, Robin Davies, Phyllis Jupe, John Shanks, Margaret Shanks

Guides: Mount Tomah

Ros Allatt, Tina Boyd, Trevor Boe, Annette Bryant, Dawne Dunlop, Christine Hennessy, Elizabeth Howard, Lesley Hulbert, Isabel Johnston, Jim Mark, Philip Merriman, Airdrie Martin, Kathleen Oakes, Leif Rosengaard, Ailsa Thompson, Tony Tree, Jackie Wall, Heather Weir, Marion Westmacott

Financial Support

Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation

The Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation supports the Trust in conserving the world’s plants for a sustainable future through raising funds for initiatives determined by the Trust that could not be funded other ways.

The Foundation is a charitable Trust endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. It has an authority to fundraise from the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing and has GST Concession and Income Tax Exemption status.

The Foundation is governed by its board of Councillors: Mr Clive Austin (Chair) Mr Ian Conley, Dr Tim Entwisle, Ms Sue Gazal, Mr Ronald Griffin, Ms Lesley Kernaghan, Ms Gretel Packer, Mr Hugh Springford and Mr John Taberner. During the year, Mrs Caro Webster, representing Friends of The Gardens, stood down and was replaced by Mr Hugh Springford. The Trust Chair, Mr Greg Martin, is President of the Foundation. Mr Jamie Durie is an Ambassador.

Councillors Griffin (Chair), Austin and Conley also constitute the Audit, Finance and Investment Committee (AFIC). Miss Jennifer Crivelli of Ord Minnett attends the AFIC committee meetings, providing advice on the market and Foundation investments.

In 2008-09, the Foundation received the following gifts from individual donations, grant giving foundations and corporate philanthropy for specific projects:

  • Children’s Garden at Mount Tomah Botanic Garden: Tom Breen and family gave the first of two gifts for the interactive sculpture for children in the Laughing Children’s Garden.
  • Youth Community Greening, an environmental education program for youth in need, was supported by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Roslyn Packer AO and a private benefactor. 2009 was the second of a four-year gift period.
  • Rainforest Seed Conservation Program, a scientific research program to save and conserve rainforest plants, was supported by Allianz Australia, Tony Maxwell and Robyn Godlee. This is the second of a three-year gift period.
  • Restoration of the Allan Cunningham Memorial in the Royal Botanic Gardens and a web-based photographic project at Mount Tomah Botanic Garden were supported by Geoffrey and Rachel O’Conor.
  • Restoration of Heritage Statuary in the Royal Botanic Gardens: gifts were received from Jennifer Crivelli, Julie Drew, John Gale, the late Mr Michael Grace AM, Clive Austin and Ian Conley for the restoration of La Ballarina. With a gift from James O. Fairfax AO, five major bronze statues in the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain had conservation treatment.
  • Library Treasures: donations were received from Tim and Janine Studdert, The Hon. Mahla Pearlman AO, Ian McLachlan, John and Philippa Graham, Roslyn Maguire, Conrad and Alice Oppen, Moore Family, Mary Rose McDonald, Madeleine Adams, Prof. Ross Steele AM and Prof. Noel and Adrienne Dan and anonymous (1) for the conservation of the Rare Book Collection.
  • 2016 Bicentenary Campaign: gifts towards the Bicentenary Campaign projects were received from Greg and Myra Bell and the Playoust Family Foundation.
  • Habitat Restoration at Mount Annan Botanic Garden, through the removal of African Olive trees, was supported by Integral Energy.

The Foundation would also like to thank donors who supported Trust work through tree and bench dedications in the three botanic gardens.

Numerous uncommitted gifts were made through the Fellowship Program of the Foundation. In 2009, the Foundation welcomed new donors who are recognised on the Trust and Foundation Honour Board.

Foundation Donors

Charles Darwin Fellows ($500,000 or more)

  • John B. Fairfax AO

Sir Joseph Banks Fellows ($100,000-$500,000)

  • Allianz Australia Ltd
  • Bruce Arnott
  • Tom Breen & Rachael Kohn
  • James O. Fairfax AO
  • Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
  • Tony Maxwell & Robyn Godlee
  • Ian & Helen McLachlan
  • Geoffrey & Rachel O’Conor
  • Gretel L. Packer
  • Roslyn Packer AO
  • Mary Whitton

Joseph Maiden Fellows ($25,000-$100,000)

  • Greg & Myra Bell
  • Dick Honan & Honan Family
  • Lee-Anne Reid
  • Playoust Family Foundation
  • Modified Accessible Taxis Joint Venture

Allan Cunningham Fellows ($5,000-$25,000)

  • Clive & Patricia Austin
  • Judith Beswick
  • Roxanne Clayton
  • Ian Conley
  • Jenny Crivelli
  • Noel & Adrienne Dan
  • Elizabeth Davis OAM
  • Tim Entwisle
  • John B. Gale OBE
  • Peter Garling SC & Jane Garling
  • Sue Gazal
  • Janet George
  • Julie Drew & Michael Grace AM
  • David & Kathryn Groves
  • Mabel Hayes
  • Kitamura Family
  • Ella Lee
  • Peng Ly
  • Pauline A. Markwell
  • Moore Family
  • Conrad & Alice Oppen
  • Faye Parker
  • Sam & Helen Sheffer
  • Prue Socha
  • John Taberner
  • Joan Taylor
  • Brad Towers
  • Charles Wong
  • Elisabeth Wong
  • Julie Wong

Foundation Supporters (Gifts to $5,000)

  • Madeleine Adams
  • William R. Arnott
  • Diana Borinski
  • Vitus Chu
  • Gillian Davies
  • Andrew & Penny Davis
  • John & Philippa Graham
  • Catherine Guy
  • David Heinzen
  • Bryan Holiday
  • Christine Jones
  • Roslyn Maguire
  • Nancy Malfanti
  • Jane McCarthy
  • Colin & Mary-Rose McDonald
  • Alistair McLean
  • Angus Murray
  • Owens Family
  • Mahla Pearlman AO
  • Howard Pierce
  • Chris Quinn
  • Janene Rox
  • Abhish Saha
  • Ross Steele AM
  • Nigel Stokes
  • Tim & Janine Studdert
  • Anna Tait
  • Sue Wilson
  • Malcolm Wilson

Corporate Sponsorships

The Trust continued to develop corporate partnerships through sponsorship of its programs in horticulture, education, conservation and science.

During the year, HSBC Bank Australia became the Trust’s Principal Conservation Partner, committing to fund an Asia-Pacific Capacity Building Action Plan, rejuvenation of the Oriental Garden and conservation initiatives on all estates through ‘Towards Sustainable Horticulture’.

The Trust’s partnership with Freehills continued to make an important contribution through professional and financial support and Bloomberg provided important funding for conservation initiatives including the NSW Seedbank.

Partnerships with Landcom, M5 South West Motorway and Pernod Ricard Australia also continued to provide important support for conservation and education projects.

The Trust would like to thank all Foundation benefactors, sponsors and supporters, who have given in this financial year, listed below.

Principal Conservation Sponsor

HSBC Bank Australia

Major Sponsors

  • Bloomberg
  • Freehills
  • Housing NSW
  • Landcom
  • Pernod Ricard Pacific
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Corporate Supporters

  • Eden Gardens & Garden Centre
  • GWS Machinery Interlink-M5 South West Motorway
  • Korn/Ferry International
  • Neutrog Fertilisers
  • Oasis Horticulture
  • Proteaflora Australia
  • Ron Evans Painting
  • Treloar Roses
  • Valley Electrical
  • Welch’s Highway Smash


Burrawang (Macrozamia communis) seeds are extremely poisonous but, because they contain starch, are also highly nutritious and were an important food source for the Cadigal, Dharawal and Darug. The seeds were pounded and soaked in water for up to two weeks to remove the toxin. The pulp was dried and ground to make flour, then made into flat rounds of bread or ‘johnny cakes’, that were cooked over hot embers. Flowers such as wattles and grevilleas provided nectar that was either sucked directly from the flower or soaked in water to make a sweet drink. Other edible fruits included the Blue Flax Lily (Dianella caerulea) and Lilly Pilly or Brush Cherry (Syzygium paniculatum).

Volunteers recognised for outstanding service included (L to R) Julie Taylor, Mary Threlfall, Betty Thurley, Eric Darley, Margaret Carrigg, Sunday Brent, Ecila Simpson, Margaret Hanks, Enid Ross, Ruth Foster, Margaret Young, John Mathews and Beryl Ferguson, with Executive Director, Dr Tim Entwisle.

A wooden box used by botanist Allan Cunningham during his 1816-1818 expedition; one of the many treasures of our library collection.

Benches have become an important part of the fabric of our Gardens. Each tells an individual story; some mark a special time that people shared in the Garden, while others remember loved ones who had a passion for the Garden and for the environment.