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Botanical sketchbook


Botanical Sketchbook

M. A. Scott & M. Stevens

A beautiful facsimile botanical sketchbook for all lovers of the art A practical masterclass showing one woman's progression from modest flower painter to botanical artist of distinction Full of practical hints, tips and colour swatches for aspiring flower painters. Published in association with the Society of Botanical Artist.

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128 pages/ Hard cover/ 216mm x 276mm/ISBN 9781906388591 /RRP$49.95




A Brilliant Touch

Christobel Mattingley

Adam Forster (1848-1928) began life as Carl Ludwig August Wiarda in East Friesland (Germany). Forster was a skilled botanical artist whose goal was to paint one thousand Australian wildflowers. To this end, on weekends, he travelled all over the Sydney region and country New South Wales to sketch and collect plant specimens.

The National Library of Australia has over 900 of Adam Forster's superb watercolours, 90 of which are presented here as full-colour plates. A portfolio of these paintings follows a short biography of Forster by author Christobel Mattingley.

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180 pages/ Hardcover/198mm x 160mm/ISBN 9780642277176 /RRP$29.95




The Flower Hunter

Ellis Rowan

Ellis Rowan - painter, naturalist, writer and explorer- was an extraordinary woman for her era. Petite, plucky and always dressed immaculately, for almost 50 years she travelled to the remote parts of Australia, India, Europe, America and New Guinea in pursuit of exotic flowers and wildelife to paint. Over 3000 works testify to her prodigious output. Unabashedly ambitious, throughout her life she used her social connections to promote her work which was internationally acclaimed and collected by royalty. For all her accolades however Rowan's reputation was contentious, even after her death. It is hoped that The Flower Hunter will help establish her rightful place in Australian art.

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105 pages/ Soft cover/290mm x 235mm/ISBN 064210760-2/RRP $24.95



The Flower Seeker. A Painter’s Travels.

Judy Cuppaidge

Judy Cuppaidge’s search for unusual, rare or just beautiful flowers has taken her across the Pacific to remote islands, through mainland rainforests, to abandoned airfields, and to her own garden. This book is a highly personal, exquisitely rendered dedication to the wonders of nature with her tales of discovery, chance and mischance, as she travelled far and wide to record these most treasured blooms in ink and watercolours. Each painting is the product of intensive work and painstaking effort, sometimes uniquely layering fifteen applications of water colouring to obtain just the right nuance and shade.

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111 pages/ Hard cover/ 220mm x 180mm/ISBN 0-9751023-1-1/RRP $27.95 

Flowers_of the_Amazon



Flowers of the Amazon Forests

Margaret Mee

Margaret Mee was an intrepid explorer of the Brazilian rainforest and an outstanding botanical artist, acclaimed by botanists and art critics worldwide. Containing text taken from the diaries she kept whilst travelling, this work illustrates more than sixty of Mee's major works with additional sketches painted whilst in the forest.

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167 pages/ Hard Cover/300mm x 242mm/ISBN 9781905377060 /RRP$19.95


Women of Flowers

Botanical Art in Australia from the 1830s to the 1960s

Leonie Norton

Women of Flowers showcases artists whose meticulous works contribute just as significantly to botany as they do to early Australian art.  Leonie Norton examines the role of these women artists in Australia’s botanical history. A National Library publication of Australian wildflower art produced by prolific women artists of colonial and post colonial Australia.

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126 pages/Soft cover/235mmx290mm/ISBN 9780642276834/RRP$34.95