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Aboriginal People and Their Plants

Philip A. Clarke

This book provides an overview of indigenous relationships to plants in Aboriginal Australia. The book is unique, spanning the gap between botany and indigenous studies. It differs from other published Australian ‘bushtucker’ overviews by treating the study of plants as a window upon which to delve in Aboriginal culture. There are insights into Aboriginal culture through looking at the roles of plants in language, ritual and religion; how Aboriginal people were actively involved in managing their environment; the importance of particular plant species to make food, drink, medicine, narcotics and tools; and the future of Aboriginal plant use studies, particularly with respect to the changing Australian landscape.

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191 pages/Hard cover/220 x 295 mm/ISBN 9781877058516/RRP $39.95



Aboriginal Sydney: A Guide to Important Places of the Past and Present - 2nd Edition

Melinda Hinkson
Photography by Alan Harris

Despite its bustling urban presence, Sydney has a rich and complex Aboriginal heritage. Hidden within its burgeoning city landscape, lie layers of a vibrant culture and a turbulent history. But, you need to know where to look. This book supplies the information.

The popular first edition established itself as both authoritative and informative; it is both a guide book and an alternative social history, told through precincts of significance to the city's Indigenous people. The sites within the precincts, and their accompanying stories and photographs, evoke Sydney's ancient past, and allow us all to celebrate the living Aboriginal culture of today.

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163 pages/ Paperback/170mm x 240mm/ISBN 9780855757120/RRP$29.95




Burnum Burnum’s Wild Things

Geoff Sainty, John Hosking, Peter abell, Surrey Jacobs & Mia Dalby-Ball

Completely revised this genuine pocket-sized field guide contains over 1,000 photographs of WILDthings. Contains a wide range of plants and animals PLUS Aboriginal Legends. Over 30,000 copies of the first edition sold.

This revised edition is a must for visitors or locals who want a quick reference to a wide range of the common, and occasionally rare, plants and animals.

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206 pages/ Paperback/195mm x 105mm/ISBN 9780646398792/RRP$27.95




Bush Food: Aboriginal Food and Medicine

Jennifer Isaacs

'Bush Food' is an exploration of these traditional skills and a compendium of the kinds of foods eaten by Aborigines. It indicates how food is caught or gathered, hunted or picked, how it is prepared and cooked, and what nutritional value it has. It considers, too the use of natural products in traditional Aboriginal herbal medicine.

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256pages/Paperback/208mmx295mm/ISBN 9781864368161 /RRP$45.00




Bush Tucker Field Guide

Les Hiddins

Discover the fascinating secrets of Australia's bush tucker with Les Hiddins, the Bush Tucker Man. Les describes more than 170 foods and medicines and their unique and often unusual uses, from the gulf plum to the green ant.

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184 pages/ Paperback/182mm x 90mm/ISBN9781741170283 /RRP$19.95




D’harawal Seasons and Climatic Cycles

Frances Bodkin
Ilustrated by Lorraine Robertson

When an illustrator met a keeper of indigenous stories, the results blossomed into this publication and an inspiring friendship, a friendship of shared knowledge, insights, stories, illustrations, book and a calendar poster. This is the first of a series of intended publications aimed at the sharing of knowledge and understanding of D'harawal Country. D'harawal Country and language area extends from the southern shores of Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) to the northern shores of the Shoalhaven River, and from the eastern shores of the Wollondilly River system to the eastern seaboard.

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109 pages/ Soft Cover/260mm x 200mm/ISBN 9780980481013 /RRP$49.95




Grow Your Own Bushfoods

Keith and Irene Smith

Provides information on all aspects of bushfood plants from growing whole fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables to preparing and cooking them in everyday dishes such as sauces, flavourings and teas. The book includes plants which are both ornamental and edible. A fascinating introduction describes Aboriginal uses of plants.

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240 pages/ Paperback/232mm x 151mm/ISBN 9781864364590 /RRP$24.95


Sydney's Aboriginal Past

Val Attenbrow

This second edition of Sydney’s Aboriginal Past draws on the latest historical, archaeological, geological, environmental and linguistic research, as well as oral evidence of present-day Aboriginal people, to reveal the diversity of Aboriginal life in the Sydney region before, during and for the first thirty years of British settlement. Val Attenbrow describes the different Aboriginal groups and how they lived; the resources available; the foods they ate and their means of obtaining them; their tools, weapons and equipment, and how they were made; where they camped; their shelters, clothing and personal adornment; their beliefs, ceremonial life and rituals; as well as their designs and images.

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264 pages/ Paperback / 297x 210 / ISBN 9781742231167 /RRP$59.95