Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Menu - The Point

Entree Box on arrival 6 pm

Wood fired pepper, ricotta & thyme tart w beetroot chard & bronze fennel

Salad of Cypriot grains, chargrilled vegetables w wild rice & spiced vinaigrette

Maffra 18-month matured cheddar & Tarago River Gippsland brie w Maggie Beer fig paste, water crackers & dried fruit loaf

Market street food stations open 7.00-9.00 pm

Station One - Aussie Outback
Pumpkin, lentil & zucchini fritter  on soft floured damper roll w green tomato pickle (v)
Mountain pepper-leaf spiced grass fed beef scotch fillet on soft floured damper roll, bush relish & beetroot chard

Station Two - Spanish Fiesta
Smoky veal & pork meatballs w fragrant saffron lemon rice & zesty salsa verde  served w a slice of Infinity olive & onion sourdough cob
Baked peppers w caponata vegetables & parsley brioche crumble served w rich tomato sauce & fragrant saffron lemon rice (v)

Station Three - Asian Delight
Stir fried rice noodles w crispy vegetables, bean sprouts, garlic chives & spring onions (choose bbq’d chicken or prawns)
Wok-fried gai lan & tofu w black vinegar dressing & raw ginger on steamed rice (v)

Station Four - Middle Eastern Fusion
Spiced lamb kofka w soft floured pita bread, chickpea & lemon hummus & red quinoa tabouleh
Grilled haloumi w Aegean slaw, kalamata olives, caramelized onion, tzatziki, tomato & parsley on pita (v)

NOTE: All market stalls include a vegetarian option.

Dessert & coffee station to open at 9.30 pm

Station Five - Sweet Treats
Spanish style churros in cinnamon sugar served w frangelico fudge or rich dark chocolate sauce
Top your own cheesecake cup including self-serve toppings - Summer berries & fruits
Espresso coffee & herbal teas available from the main bar 


Approximate price guide only - details still to be confirmed.

  • Sparkling: $8.00/glass or $40.00/bottle
  • House Wines: $8.00/glass or $40.00/bottle
  • Premium Wines:  $55.00/bottle only
  • UDL: $10.00/can
  • Beers: $6.50 - $ 8.00 (depending on strength)
  • Ciders: $ 8.00
  • Soft Drinks: $5.00
  • Water: $4.00
  • Snacks:  $3.50