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Each month our volunteer guides bring you the best of what's happening in our gardens. Find out which plants are blooming or are in the peak of their season for you to view.

Sydney POM August 15

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Medinilla multiflora Merr.
Malaysian Orchid, Malaysian Grapes

Genus: Medinilla: Named for Jose’ de Medinilla y Pineda, Spanish Governor of the Mariana Islands in 1820.
Multiflora: derived from Latin multi ‘many’ and flora ‘flowered’ referring to the many flowers.

Late Winter to Spring.

Medinilla is a genus of about 400 species which are predominantly epiphytic shrubs with 90 per cent endemic to the Philippines. The remainder occur in other parts of Malesia.

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We have so many more plants in bloom this month in Sydney, open our Must See PDF and take a tour of the garden. 

Annan POM August 15

Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan

Acacia leucoclada subsp. argentifolia 
Northern Silver Wattle

Genus: Acacia — from the Greek acacia, ace or acis, a point or thorn.
Species: leucoclada — from the Greek leukos meaning white and klados meaning branch.
argentifolia – from the Latin argent meaning silver and folia meaning leaf.

Flowering occurs during July to September. The showy globular flower heads are yellow and grow in long axillary racemes. The mature pods are red-brown in colour and slightly hairy, they are present during November to January.

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Protea cynaroides 'King White'

 Photo: Jan Allen

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah

Protea cynaroides 
King protea ‘King White’

Genus: Protea  from the Greek god, Proteus, capable of changing his form at will and in reference to the variety of forms within the genus.
Species: Cynaroides  resembling Cynara, the genus name of the globe artichoke, in reference to the involucral bracts, especially obvious in bud.

The species, from which this cultivar was developed by the ‘Proteaflora’ plant nursery in Monbulk, Victoria, is native to South Africa. There, it is the most widespread protea species with variation in flower colour, flowering time and plant morphology leading to the recognition of variants. The predominant flower colour is pink though white forms have been seen in the Kogelberg area and may occur elsewhere

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What else is in bloom at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney?


Grevillea Masons's Hybrid
Hibiscus coccineus
Magnolia grandiflora 
Nelumbo nucifera 
Syzygium moorei 
Tabernaemontana cerifera


Brugmansia versicolor
Eucalyptus grandis
Gardenia thunbergia 
Wollemia nobilis
Plumaria rubra 


Backhousia citriodora
Breynia nivosa
Elaeocarpus grandis 
Eucalyptus grandis 
Tabernaemontana litoralis 

Tibouchina granulosa
Tibouchina mutabilis


Banksia spinulosa
Ceiba speciosa
Hibiscus schizopetalus
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys
Pittosporum rhombifolium 
Stenocarpus sinuatus



Banksia spinulosa
Begonia species & cultivars
Crategus x prunifolia
Elaeocarpus bancroftii
Eucalyptus caesia
Montanoa grandiflora
Pandanus aquaticus
Zelkova serrata


Aloe x winteri
Bauhinia x blakeana
Camellia 'Cleopatra'
Ensete ventricosum 
Idiospermum australiense 
Luculia pinceana 


Aloe ferox hybrid 
Crescentia cujete
Hakea bakeriana 
Narcissus 'Earlicheer'
Osmanthus fragrans
Rhodoleia championii
Tetradenia riparia


Acacia pubescens 
Casimiroa edulis
Clivea miniata
Dracaena draco
Medinilla multiflora Merr.
Salvia africana
Strongylodon macrobotrys


Angiopteris evecta
Bartlettina sordida
Macadamia tetraphylla
Rhododendron veitchianum 
Schotia brachypetala


Alloxylon flammeum 
Chionanthus retusus
Duabanga grandiflora
Coffea arabica 
Darlingia ferruginea
Lilium longiflorum


Aleurites moluccana
Anetholea anisata
Callerya cinerea
Ceratopetalum apetalum
Erythrina crista-galli 'Hendersonii'
Punica granatum 
Schotia brachypetala
Sloanea australis
Toona ciliata


Amorphophallus bulbifer
Ceratopetalum gummiferum 
Corymbia ficifolia
Encephalartos altensteinii
Ficus sur

Magnolia grandiflora
Milletia grandis
Nelumbo nucifera
Syzygium jambos