Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Alloxylon flammeum

The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney - October

Common name tree waratah, Queensland tree waratah
Scientific name Alloxylon flammeum P.H. Weston & Crisp
Family  Proteaceae

Genus: Alloxylon - Greek allos, another or foreign; xylon meaning wood or tree.

Species: flammeum - Latin, flammeus, flame-coloured or fiery red.

Distribution Restricted to the Atherton Tableland in north-eastern Queensland.
Native habitat Naturally found at 700-820 m altitude, on basalt-derived soil, in tropical rainforest.
Description Trees up to 33 m high x 6 m wide. Bark grey, shallowly fissured with prominent brown lenticels. Young branchlets densely hairy. Juvenile leaves deeply lobed. Adult leaves simple, entire, 8-25 cm long, 20-45 mm wide, bright green when immature. Flowers bright orange-red; pedicels 25-43 mm long, moderately hairy.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers August to October.

Location in Garden

Growing on Lawn 9 and Beds 1, 29 and 31.
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This plant was incorrectly identified as Oreocallis wickhamii until 1991 when it was correctly described, named and transferred to the new genus Alloxylon by our own botanist, Peter Weston.

Alloxylon flammeum has a very restricted natural distribution, but is very accommodating when grown in cultivation.

A beautiful plant in cultivation with a spectacular floral display in spring.
Grows well in most soils as long as drainage is good and there is no water stress in dry periods. Plenty organic matter used as a mulch is most beneficial. Tolerant of moderate frost once established. Propagates readily from seed or cuttings.

Alloxylon flammeum is not known to be weedy.

Presently available from the Growing Friends.