Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Syzygium moorei

The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney - January 

Common name coolamon, durobby, watermelon tree
Scientific name Syzygium moorei ( F. Muell.) L.A.S. Johnson
Family  Myrtaceae

Genus: Syzygium - From the Greek syzygos, paired or joined; possibly in reference to the opposite leaves.

Species: moorei - after Charles Moore, a director of the Botanic Garden Sydney 1848-1896

Distribution Border ranges of south-eastern Queensland, north-eastern New South Wales
Native habitat Native habitat Occurs in riverine and gully rainforest at low altitudes
Description 10-18 m high x 6-12 m wide. Small to medium evergreen tree with a spreading canopy, bark grey, flaky. Leaves 8.5-14.5 cm x 3.5-7 cm, elliptical to ovate, thick and leathery, dark green and glossy above, dull beneath; flowers 2–2.5 cm across, bright pink, profuse and showy; calyx lobes 4, triangular; petals 4, about 0.5 cm across; stamens 1-1.5 cm long; fruit 4-6.5 cm across, globose, flattened, white
Flowering/fruiting Flowers November-January. Fruit matures June-August

Location in Garden

Lawn 42 - Click here for map of garden beds & grid.


Charles Moore first collected this species.

The large tree on lawn 42 could possibly be a descendant from this first collection. This beautiful tree is now uncommon to rare in native range because of habitat alteration. Deserves to be grown more although can be difficult to establish.

Prefers sheltered situations. Intolerant of badly drained soil. Responds favourably to soil moisture and mulch, especially in summer. Will grow as far south as Melbourne and is tolerant of moderate frost. Propagate from fresh seed.

This plant is presently not available from the Growing Friends.