Tabernaemontana cerifera

Scientific name: Tabernaemontana cerifera

Family: Apocynaceae


Tabernaemontana cerifera   


Small tree, 4 m tall in the Perennial Border of the Main Walk near the Macquarie Wall.

Bed: 33; Grid: 6I5l
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Native to New Caledonia where it occurs in bush or forest along watercourses. There are several garden plants in the genus Tabernaemontana, including some with double flowers. In frost-free areas they are more easily grown than gardenias and the flowers make a good substitute a corsage. This plant was previous misidentified as the equally difficult to pronounce Pagiantha dichotoma and Tabernaemontana pandacaqui and has been grown here since at least as early as 1890.