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Alexander Macleay From Scotland To Sydney

Cherry Derelie

Sydney’s colonial society loved to ridicule the colourful and controversial figure of Alexander Macleay. Likewise, historians over the years have either criticised or completely ignored him. But when it came to serious matters, such as who was to be Australia’s first Speaker in the Legislative Council
in 1843, public opinion changed. For there simply was no other person in the colony whose experience and skills matched those of Alexander Macleay.

The story of the man who introduced wisteria to Australia as well as the stunning jacaranda whose mauve flowers adorn Sydney each October, is traced from the remote north of Scotland, and to London and the Linnean Society, and through his latter years in Sydney where he took up the position of Colonial Secretary in 1826.

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464 pages/ Hardback/235mm x 210mm/ISBN 9780646557526 /RRP$59.95




The Amazing World of Orchids

Brian Rittershausen

Mysterious and alluring, infinitely beautiful and breathtakingly varied, orchids have never been more popular or more widely available, with beautiful specimens available at every supermarket, florist and garden centre.

This beautiful guide reveals the limitless fascination of orchids, reflecting the romance of their history, illuminating the triumphs of hybridization and providing the key to growing these exciting plants at home. Every one of the over 150 different orchids featured has been specially photographed to best capture their wondrous individuality. Divided according to their easiness to grow, each striking photograph is accompanied by detailed text on the plant's characteristics and individual needs.

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224 pages/ Softcover/201mm x 253mm/ISBN 9781844009398 /RRP$24.95

 Australia_Moments in_History  

Australia Moments in History

Victor Swain

This is the story of the men and women who made Australia, and the events of our past that have shaped our future. Discover the endurance of the early pioneers; the friendship between James Morrill and an Aboriginal tribe; the extraordinary stamina of explorers Edward Eyre and Douglas Mawson; the benevolence of missionaries Cheong Cheok Hong and Caroline Chisholm; the ingenuity of inventor James Harrison and the courage of army officer Hugo Throssell. It also includes the extraordinary story of the Mabo case and the permanent changes to Aboriginal land rights; the tragic terrorist attacks in Bali; the outstanding achievement of Jessica Watson as she sailed solo around the world at the age of 16; and, the historical election of Australia's first female prime minister, Julia Gillard as well as the 2010/2011 Queensland floods. With its rich narrative and accessible format, Australia: Moments in History is the ideal means for anyone, young or old, to explore Australia's unique heritage and cultural diversity.

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160 pages/ Paperback/232mm x 171mm/ISBN 9781742571287  /RRP$29.95




Australia’s Wild Weather

Mark Tredinnick

Marrying photographs from the collection of the National Library of Australia with an evocative and contemplative essay by poet Mark Tredinnick, Australia’s Wild Weather is a lyric field guide to Australia's climate. Tredinnick considers what it means to be living at time when weather is no longer small talk; it is most of the news. Beautifully written, the author contemplates what weather means to us and how it affects our daily lives.

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124 pages/ Hardback/250mm x 300mm/ISBN 9780642277237  /RRP$39.95




Discover Vegetables, Herbs and Spices

Susanna Lyle

An inspiration to people to grow and try new foods, this comprehensive guide to vegetables, herbs and spices explores old favourites as well as many little-known yet exciting food-producing plants.

Over 200 species and the most popular cultivars are described, and a general introduction gives a basic background to various aspects of horticulture and plant nutrition. A table of plants for different garden situations at the back of the book is a useful ready-reference.

This book is a companion volume to Discovering Fruit and Nuts

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480 pages/ Hardcover/286mm x 213mm/ISBN 9780643095564  /RRP$79.95




Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden

Mary Horsfall

Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden shows how to grow food at home in even the smallest of spaces. It explores the reasons for growing your own food, including the many potential benefits such as improved taste, freshness and nutrition. Many types of food are covered, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, bush tucker plants and edible flowers. This practical book discusses the importance of growing open-pollinated varieties, and provides detailed instructions for successfully growing plants from seeds. Plant care is explained, including organic pest and weed control and efficient watering methods. In addition, readers are shown how to improve soil fertility by making their own fertiliser.

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220 pages/ Soft Cover/240mm x 190mm/ISBN 9780643095977 /RRP$39.95



Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History

Bill Laws

Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History is a beautifully presented guide to the plants that have had the greatest impact on human civilisation. Entries range from crops like rice and wheat that feed whole populations, to herbs and spices that are highly prized for their medicinal qualities. Weaving together strands of economic, political, and industrial history, each entry is a fascinating look at the most influential plants known to mankind.

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224 pages/Hard Cover/177mmx230mm/ISBN9781742372181/RRP$35.00





Frangipani: A practical guide to growing frangipani at home

L. Ross, L. Rose and J. Stowar

Frangipanis are fragrant, fascinating, frivolous and foolproof. No other tree has as many colours, fragrances, is as widely grown around the world and has as many cultural meanings as the frangipani flower. Who can tire of its simple perfection?

This book is a celebration of the frangipani flower, inspiring gardeners and flower lovers throughout the world with stunning photography, great garden design ideas and practical growing information.

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222 pages/ Soft cover/240 x 201mm/ISBN 9781877069550 /RRP$35.00


The Garden of Ideas: Four Centuries of Australian Style

Richard Aitken

The Garden of Ideas tells an inspiring and engaging story of Australian garden design. From the imaginings of emigrant garden-makers of the late-eighteenth century to the concerns of twenty-first-century gardeners, this book charts its way across four centuries through a handsome and satisfying fusion of images and text.

The Garden of Ideas is embellished with an unparalleled array of images - paintings, drawings, prints, plans, and photographs - each richly evocative of their time and most never previously published. Unearthed from around Australia, and many from overseas, these images carry the story of Australian garden style down the years, in the process criss-crossing social and cultural history across the wide extremes of our continent.

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256 pages/ Hardcover/235 x 320mm/ISBN 9780522857504 /RRP$34.95




Gardener’s Companion to Weeds Second Edition

Suzanne Ermert
Photographed by Leigh Clapp

How to identify and control more than 150 common weeds and invasive plants in Australia. Featuring new, up-to-date control methods. A weed identification guide and problem solver in one book. Discover the potential benefits and uses of many common weeds - as fertilisers and companion plants. Presented alphabetically for easy reference with clear colour pictures for positive identification.

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240 pages/ Soft Cover/210mm x 110mm/ISBN 9781876334772  /RRP$34.95

Great Gardens of Italy



Great Gardens of Italy

M. Don and D. Moore

This book is a personal exploration of Italy's legendary gardens. Over thirty are featured, including some that are very well known as well as others that might not be on many people's obvious list. Through captivating text and outstanding photography, Monty and Derry invite the reader to accompany them on their tour around Italy.

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224 pages/ Hard cover/287mm x 233mm/ISBN 97818440093.74 /RRP$49.95




Herbs For Australian Gardens

Penny Woodward

This best-selling herb 'bible' (in its 5th printing of 3 editions) contains a fully illustrated A-Z of herbs, chapters on propagation, organic gardening, cultivation and planning, insect repellent herbs, companion planting, medicinal uses, and much, much more. Completely revised and updated 3rd edition of the author's 'An Australian Herbal'.

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228 pages/ Hardcover/175mm x 255mm/ISBN 9781864470987 /RRP$39.95


In Her Own Words - The Writings of Elizabeth Macquarie

Robin Walsh

In Her Own Words: The Writings of Elizabeth Macquarie is a beautifully presented volume containing the annotated letters and journal of Elizabeth Macquarie, wife of early colonial Australia's planning visionary, Lachlan Macquarie.

The publication reveals for the first time the personal thoughts and writings of Elizabeth Macquarie - through transcriptions of the relevant manuscript holdings of the State Library of NSW, National Library of Australia, National Archives of Scotland, UK National Archives as well as items held in private collections. Each writing piece is annotated, giving unique insight into its content and context.

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208 pages/ Hardback/250mm x 270mm/ISBN 9781921497988   /RRP$59.95




Mabberley's Plant-Book

David J. Mabberley

Mabberley's Plant-Book is internationally accepted as an essential reference text for anyone studying, growing or writing about plants. In over 20,000 entries this comprehensive dictionary provides information on every family and genus of seed-bearing plant (including gymnosperms) plus ferns and clubmosses, combining taxonomic details and uses with English and other vernacular names. In this new edition each entry has been updated to take into consideration the most recent literature, notably the great advances from molecular analyses, and over 1650 additional new entries (including ecologically and economically important genera of mosses) have been added, ensuring that Mabberley's Plant-Book continues to rank among the most practical and authoritative botanical texts available.

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1040 pages/ Hard cover/235 x 123mm/ISBN 9780521820714 /RRP$105.00




Medicinal Plants in Australia Vol 1 - Bush Pharmacy

Cheryll Williams

The discovery of the pharmacy of the Australian bush began when humankind first set foot on the continent. Later, the first European visitors found a plethora of plants new to science, with a resultant fervour for unique and unusual finds that erupted into botanical circles. From the time of the First Fleet, botanising physicians and explorers relied on the local flora to provide vital medicines that were in short supply from traditional sources. The records of those pioneers, combined with Aboriginal experience, led to the formation of an extensive, if informal, Australian materia medica with widespread practical and clinical appeal. The most famous of these medicines, the distilled oil of the Eucalypt, quickly achieved international recognition for its decongestant and antibacterial properties. In many instances, the value of the medicinal discoveries of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries has been enhanced by contemporary research, summarised in each chapter, which lends increasing support to their traditional uses. This is a book designed to enhance our appreciation of the medicinal history of Australia's flora, its unique contributions to everyday life, and its extraordinary future potential.

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328 pages/ Hardback/210 x 285mm/ISBN 9781877058790 /RRP$69.95




Medicinal Plants in Australia Vol 2 - Gums, Resins, Tannin and Essential Oils

Cheryll Williams

This is a book designed to enhance our appreciation of the medicinal history of Australia's flora, its unique contributions to everyday life, and its extraordinary future potential. The renewed importance of the medical significance of Australian plants is discussed particularly in relation to the advent of drug resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. New Eucalypts that can yield higher grade oils, essential oils from the Melaleuca and Leptospermum show excellent therapeutic potential, and the success of Tea Tree oil in the international market is also discussed. Commercial value of resins, gums and tannins is covered.

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300 pages/ Hardback/210 x 285mm/ISBN 9781877058943 /RRP$69.95





The Orchid Whisperer, expert secrets for growing beautiful orchids.

Bruce Rogers

In this easy-to-follow guide, Bruce Rogers, “The Orchid Whisperer,” shares his expert tips from more than three decades of breeding and growing orchids. Perfect for both beginners and orchid experts looking for new tricks, The Orchid Whisperer covers everything you need to know to grow healthy orchids that will bloom again and again!

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143 Pages / Paperback / 255mm x 185mm / ISBN 9781452101286 RRP $25.95




Starting Out With Herbs

Margaret Roberts

A systematic introduction to the world of herbs, Starting out with Herbs contains over 60 variations of herbs that you will find in your garden, including basil, bay, fennel, mint, rosemary and thyme. The book also outlines cultivation, history of the herb, domestic, cosmetic, medicinal and culinary uses. Recipes include lavender tea, garlic butter, parsley eggs and rose-scented geranium scones.

From kidney stones to weight loss, arthritis to fertility, Starting Out With Herbs details commonly experienced ailments, and the herbs that can aid them.

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176 pages/ Soft Cover/210mm x 148mm/ISBN 9781741108538 /RRP$24.95

Walking Sydney



Walking Sydney - Second Edition

Great Suburban, Harbour and Coastal Walks in and around Sydney.

J. Toghill

This is an update of the essential companion for the urban explorer- visitor or local. Walking Sydney reveals the historic past and modern verve of this sparkling harbour city.
Walking Sydney features:
- Original walks exploring diverse settings, famous sites and fascinating places off the tourist track
-  Easy-to-follow maps detailing each walk route
-  Essential information on transport, opening times and walk lengths
-  The author's local insights and suggestions for refreshment stops
- Access notes for wheelchairs and less mobile walkers

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200 pages/ Soft cover/210 x 148mm/ISBN 9781742570563 /RRP$22.95




Whale Watching in Australian and New Zealand Third Edition

Peter Gill and Cecilia Burke
Colour Illustrations by Pieter Folkens

This definitive, easy-to-follow guide is for all adventurous holiday-makers, amateur naturalists and students who want to take a closer and well-informed look at these fascinating mammals.

It includes identification notes, locator maps for each species, information on the behaviour of whales and dolphins, insights into whaling history, conservation and research, and conservation statuses.

This is an essential reference book for all who want to fully experience and enjoy whale watching.

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148 pages/ Soft Cover/210mm x 135mm/ISBN 9781877069895  /RRP$29.95




Women of Flowers

Botanical Art in Australia from the 1830s to the 1960s

Leonie Norton

Women of Flowers showcases artists whose meticulous works contribute just as significantly to botany as they do to early Australian art.  Leonie Norton examines the role of these women artists in Australia’s botanical history. A National Library publication of Australian wildflower art produced by prolific women artists of colonial and post colonial Australia.

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126 pages/Soft cover/235mmx290mm/ISBN 9780642276834/RRP$34.95

Woven Stone  

Woven Stone: The Sculpture of Chris Booth

C. Booth

There's no end to the audacity of Northland sculptor Chris Booth, man who thinks not just big but huge. His latest stone wall at the Hamilton Botanical gardens is absolutely stunning and now he has embarked on a giant sculpture for Kerikeri. His last hardback for Godwit is now out of print and this all-new book brings together the remarkable pieces he has installed both in New Zealand and overseas, in both public and private collections, and traces his remarkable artistic and spiritual journey. His latest commission is for a gigantic work in a chalk pit at The Eden Project in the UK, a work that will cement him firmly on the international stage.

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304 pages/ Hard cover/263 x 243mm/ISBN 9781869621223  /RRP$45.00