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Organic gardening



Creating your Eco-Friendly Garden

Mary Horsfall

This book shows people how to create an eco-friendly garden from scratch or by redeveloping an existing garden. It is practical, simply written and based on the author’s own first-hand experience and the wealth of knowledge amassed during the course of her job at Grass Roots, Australia’s most popular self-sufficiency magazine. The author’s aim is that readers will gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to develop a garden in their own individual style to suit the needs of their family, in an environmentally friendly manner and for little cost.

Environmental values feature strongly throughout the book, including: water efficiency; biodiversity; soil conservation; use of recycled materials; organic methods; use of native and similarly water hardy, biodiversity-friendly plants; avoidance of environmental weeds.

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158 pages/ Soft Cover/240mm x 190mm/ISBN 9780643094949 /RRP$39.95




The Elements of Organic Gardening

HRH The Prince of Wales with Stephanie Donaldson

The Elements of Organic Gardening describes the organic practices that are in place in the Prince’s gardens, most of which can be adapted to any garden, large or small.  It covers healthy soil, compost, planting, favoured varieties of flowers, trees, fruit and vegetables, how to choose ornamental features and how to keep pests, weeds and diseases at bay the organic way.

Beautifully illustrated with photographs by Andrew Lawson, this books contains a wealth of practical advice that will delight and inspire any gardener who would like to garden organically.

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176 pages/Hard cover/245mm x 295mm.ISBN 978-0-297-84416-7 RRP $65 




Harvest: A complete Australian guide to the Edible Garden

Meredith Kirton

This beautifully illustrated book by bestselling gardening author Meredith Kirton will inspire you to grow, harvest and cook your own seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, whether your garden is a large suburban block, a small city courtyard, or in the country. You'll learn all about the basics of successful edible gardening - from climate, soil and propagation to pests and diseases, crop rotation and organic gardening - as well as how to grow a huge range of edibles that include old favourites, heirloom varieties and exotics. Full of tips, step-by-step gardening techniques and fascinating historical background information, Harvest is your definitive guide to growing your own delicious produce.

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440 pages/ Hardback/235mm x 190mm/ISBN 9781741964509/RRP$69.95




Organic: Don Burke's Guide to Growing Organic Food

Don Bourke

Organic: Don Burke’s Guide to Growing Organic Food is a practical guide with step-by-step instructions, case studies and photographs to assist in growing your own successful organic vegetable garden by top Aussie gardener Don Burke.

Organic covers all that you need to know to start and cultivate your own vegetable garden including composting, pests and diseases, growing conditions, chickens, harvesting and scrumptious recipes.

In a poor economic climate, good quality, inexpensive food is hard to find to feed your family. Why not start a grocery store in your own backyard? Find out the benefits of growing your own vegies for yourself, including cost-cutting, family fun, fresh produce and greater variety of species unavailable in stores.

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304 pages/ Hard Cover/250mm x 195mm/ISBN 9781877069673/RRP$29.95


Organic Gardening: 7th Edition

Peter Bennett

'Organic Gardening', now in its seventh edition, is the accepted major work on the subject of growing and cultivating plants in Australia and New Zealand using natural methods.

Substantially revised and expanded since its first edition, this book is an impressively comprehensive guide to organically growing ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetables and cereal crops.

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212 pages/ Paperback/280mm x 210mm/ISBN 9781877069109/RRP$39.95