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Botanic Gardens Trust - Guidebook

Your guide to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Domain, The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah. It includes detailed information about the features of each Botanic Garden including visitor maps.

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104 pages/ Paperback/210mm x 95mm/ISBN 0975670816 /RRP$3.00




The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney - Sculpture Trail

The Sydney Botanic Garden (not yet Royal) was founded in 1816 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his wife Elizabeth who had arrived in the rough and ready penal colony six years earlier with a Neo- classical pattern book. The Garden and its amazing location-harbour side next door to the Governor’s house- was part of a dream of transplanting the best of ‘Old World’ Civilisation in ‘New World’ soil.

Today the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, is an idyllic landscape in the heart of a glimmering city of concrete, steel and glass. The swaling lawns and huge rooty fig trees wrapped around a blue cove feel like a world the city is dreaming, the timeless calm deepened by the daily bustle around it.

This booklet lets you explore the variety of sculptures and monuments throughout the garden at your own pace, with detailed information about each of the pieces. The centrefold of the booklet is a map with a suggested walk to make sure you don’t miss any of the sculptures.

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29 pages/ Paperback/210mm x 148mm/ISBN 9780975670866 /RRP$3.95


Sydney’s Bushland.  More than meets the eye

Jocelyn Howell & Doug Benson

This book takes you back before the age of the dinosaurs to glimpse the forces that shaped the Sydney bushland scene.  It brings you up to date to join scientists in discovering some of the surprises Sydney’s bushland plants have in store.

Beautifully illustrated with a wealth of colour photographs covering the different types Sydney’s vegetation, including bushland ecology and walks around Sydney.

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128 pages/Soft cover/180mm x 250mm/ISBN 0 7313 9342 2/RRP$27.95 Reduced to $15.00