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A Brush with Birds

Introduction by Penny Olsen

The paintings of Australian birds in A Brush with Birds are by artists whose work is represented in the National Library of Australia. They span the years from first settlement to the 1970s, telling us about the times as well as the birds, and showing how the style of bird art has evolved. This book is lavishly illustrated with vibrant and luscious art and it includes the stories of the artists behind the paintings.

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120 pages/ Soft Cover/230mm x 290mm/ISBN 9780642276803 /RRP$34.95




Attracting Butterflies to your Garden

D. Clyne

There are practical ways of turning any garden, large or small, formal or informal, country or suburban, into a butterfly garden. By carefully planning your planting, you can persuade these delightful creatures to take up residence with you. This edition includes new species and distribution maps. Stunning photographs will help you identify not only the butterflies themselves but also the caterpillars and sometimes even their eggs and pupae..

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112 pages/ Soft cover/115mm x 210mm/ISBN 9781877069840 /RRP$24.95





Burnum Burnum’s Wild Things

Geoff Sainty, John Hosking, Peter abell, Surrey Jacobs & Mia Dalby-Ball

Completely revised this genuine pocket-sized field guide contains over 1,000 photographs of WILDthings. Contains a wide range of plants and animals PLUS Aboriginal Legends. Over 30,000 copies of the first edition sold.

This revised edition is a must for visitors or locals who want a quick reference to a wide range of the common, and occasionally rare, plants and animals.

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206 pages/ Paperback/195mm x 105mm/ISBN 9780646398792/RRP$27.95




The Butterflies of Australia

Albert Orr & Roger Kitching

The Butterflies of Australia is a unique guide to help identify the nearly 400 species to which our continent plays host, but with its focus on living butterflies it is much more than identification guide.

Hundreds of meticulous illustrations show adult butterflies in life, flying or perched, courting or laying eggs.  It is a broad non-technical introduction on butterfly biology, history, ecology, evolution and conservation. With a copy as a guide, the reader can appreciate the charm and purpose underlying butterflies’ far from frivolous lives.

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296 Pages/31 Pages Appendix/Soft cover/220mmx280mm/ISBN 9781741751086 /RRP$45

Care of Australian Wildlife


Care of Australian Wildlife

Erna Walraven

Care of Australian Wildlife is the definitive guide for all Australian wishing to protect and care for Australia’s amazing wildlife and to help minimise the effect of urban and rural sprawl on the environment.  Now revised and with completely up-to-date resources in the appendices, this accessible and practical guide outlines the numerous dangers facing our native animals and how to care for the sick and injured.

Black and white illustrations, colour photographs, and feature boxes complement the authoritative text.

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140 pages/Soft cover/170mm x230mm/ISBN 174110207 3/RRP$24.95




Cronin’s Key Guide Australian Mammals

Leonard Cronin

A field guide for travellers and a reference book for the home library.

  • An authoritative reference work and indispensable guide to Australia’s fascinating monotremes, marsupials and placental mammals.
  • Packed with information including behaviour, development, diet, habitat and traces.
  • Outstanding colour illustrations and distribution maps of each species.
  • Unique visual key makes identification fast and simple.
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206 pages/ Paperback / 200mm x 130mm/ ISBN 9781741751109 / RRP $35.00

Cronins Aust Wildlife


Cronin’s Key Guide. Australian Wildlife

Leonard Cronin

An indispensable guide to Australian wildlife with plants and animals from the coral reefs to the rainforest, eucalypt woodlands and deserts.

Over 600 beautifully illustrated images.  Distribution maps.  Comprehensive descriptions.  Information on where they live or grow.

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235 pages/Soft cover/130mm x200mm/ISBN 978 1 74175 075 1/RRP$35.00




Field guide to Australian Birds

Michael Morcombe

Written and illustrated by bird expert, Michael Morcombe, this is the most comprehensive field guide to Australian birds yet published. Simple, clear design links text and paintings; unique system of organisation of information; includes breeding section; maps define variances in ranges and subspecies.

The best value Field Guide to Australian Birds on the market today, this comprehensive and massively detailed hand is for all who love birds.

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448 pages/ Paperback/175mm x 250mm/ISBN 9781740214179/RRP$45




The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia 8th Edition

Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight

The definitive and most respected guide to Australian bird identification.

First published in 1980, Graham Pizzey′s field guide combines a depth and breadth of knowledge with beautiful, full-colour illustrations by Frank Knight.

This 8th edition was updated and revised by scientific editor Peter Menkhorst, and includes 46 newly recorded or recently described species, plus essential information on 820 species of birds, with 250 full-colour plates, including more than 2500 individual portraits specially painted for this book, and 750 distribution maps. Field marks are highlighted in the text to help birdwatchers distinguish between similar species and full details of the nesting habits, voice characteristics, habitats and range for every species make this a must for both experts and amateurs.

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592 pages/ Soft Cover/154mm x 238mm/ISBN 9780207199356  /RRP$45.00


Field Guide to Reptiles of NSW




A Field Guide to Reptiles of New South Wales

Gerry Swan, Glenn Shea and Ross Sadlier

In this book you will find every gecko, flap-footed lizard, goanna, dragon, skink, snake and turtle known to live throughout the many habitats of New South Wales. 

The telltale details that make identification possible lie in the descriptions of families, genera and species; these are accompanied by clear line drawings. 
For herpetologists, the location maps, generated from the Australian Museum database, will prove invaluable.

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302pp/Soft cover/115mm x 215mm/ISBN 187706906 X/RRP$34.95

Fragile Balance



A Fragile Balance - The extraordinary story of Australian Marsupials

C. Dickman and R. W. Ganf

The extraordinary story of Australian marsupials deserves an extraordinary book and at last it is here; wide and generous in its view and up-to-date in its science and accessible in its style. This book combines a comprehensive coverage of all Australian marsupials by a highly respected academic, researcher and writer in the field, and fine illustrations of those species by a watercolourist of impeccable repute. The text distinguishes the diverse marsupial group from other mammals and places it in its geographical context. It covers all species in Australia and draws together diverse branches of knowledge to interpret the many unique biological traits that characterize these marsupials. Six notable species are highlighted in feature pages and text is completed with thumbnail accounts of all species of Australian marsupials, outlining size, distinguishing features, distribution and key aspects of their biology.

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246 pages/ Hard cover/305mm x 235mm/ISBN 9780980354010 /RRP$85.00




Know Your Birds

Louise Egerton

Ok, so you can tell a pigeon from a seagull but what about a magpie from a Currawong? Or a native Noisy Miner from an introduced Indian or Common Myna? There are over 750 species of birds in Australia, so it's not surprising that most of us give up trying to know them at all.

'Know Your Birds' narrows the field to Australia's best known birds, those you are most likely to see around our towns and cities. Between the pages of this book - no matter where you live in Australia - you will find a great many familiar birds.

Each of the 80 entries features a photographic portrait of a well-known bird. From these alone you will be able to identify most of the birds that you see. The accompanying text is all about how these birds live: their foibles, habits, social lives and domestic arrangements. You'll be amazed at just how different from one another their lifestyles are.

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176 pages/ Soft cover /148mm x 210mm/ISBN 9781877069130  /RRP$24.95





A Photographic Guide to Birds

Peter Rowland

The compact, easy to use format makes this the ideal pocket-size travelling companion. The authoritative text describes key identification features and full colour photographs illustrate each of the 251 species covered, and the thumbnail outlines of each family group enables easy identification.

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144 pages/ Soft Cover/191mm x 95mm/ISBN 9781853685996 /RRP$19.95




Sydney Birds and Where to Find Them

Peter Roberts

Sydney Birds and Where to Find Them features the 30 top bird-watching localities in and around Sydney. These birding hot spots stretch from Tuggerah Lakes on the Central Coast to Lake Illawarra near Wollongong and from the Blue Mountains in the west to some surprisingly accessible sites tucked away in the heart of the city.

Each locality entry lists the key species to look out for, including rare and seasonal visitors. It describes how to access the location, both by public transport and road, and what amenities to expect; maps are featured wherever necessary. The main section gives precise details about where to look for certain birds. There is also a handy list of Sydney birds, each entry providing information on the best spots to find it, its rarity or otherwise, and helpful tips about its habits and haunts, such as where it roosts or nests.

This invaluable guide will take you to some beautiful places, many of which you may never otherwise discover.

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208pages/Paperback/210mmx148mm/ISBN 9781741754766 /RRP$35.00




Tadpoles of South-eastern Australia. A Guide with Keys

Marion Anstis

Using meticulous scientific keys, Tadpoles of South-eastern Australia teases out the differences between tadpole species and enables both scientists and amateur naturalists to identify what species of frog a tadpole will become.   This ground-breaking book will serve as an invaluable tool for monitoring frog populations and thus contribute towards our understanding of just what is causing the present alarming worldwide trend towards massive frog declines.

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281 pages/Hard cover/180mm x250mm/ISBN 187633463 0/RRP$34.95



Tracks, Scats and Other Traces.  A Field Guide to Australian Mammals

Barbara Triggs

Tracks, Scats and Other Traces is organised for easier identification of the visible traces left by Australian mammals. 

This guide is divided into four sections:

  • Tracks - line drawings are matched with photographs of the same tracks in sand or mud.
  • Scats - the faeces of 128 species are illustrated in colour.  A selection of scats and a distribution map and habitat information are given for each species;
  • Shelters, feeding signs and other traces provides detailed descriptions and more than 70 colour photographs of the distinctive traces of mammals;
  • Bones - forty full-page plates of skulls, lower jaws, humeri and femurs cover 38 commonly found species, plus a detailed guide that covers all mammal groups.

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340pp/Soft cover/135mm x 215mm/ISBN 019555099 4/RRP$39.95


Upside Down World

Penny Olsen

Late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Eurocentric perceptions of natural history led to the flora and fauna of the new colony of New South Wales being viewed as deficient and inferior. The swans of the colony were black and eagles white, birds built shell-strewn avenues of sticks to cavort in and parrots walked on the ground. The mammals carried their young in a pouch and there were furred animals that laid eggs. This ‘miscellany of the curious’ fuelled the rage for Australian natural history amongst the upper classes of Europe, bringing income and, occasionally, fame to its collectors and documenters. On the ground, in the colony, it contributed to great change for the animals and, in some cases, extinction.

In Upside Down World author Penny Olsen documents how our scientific knowledge evolved, using collectors’ and naturalists’ journals to enhance her stories.

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240 pages/ Paperback/220mm x 250mm/ISBN 9780642277060/RRP$39.95