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The Australian Garden: Designing with Australian Plants

Diana Snape

When and how should we use Australian plants in our gardens and public landscapes? Should we use them for sentiment - or for the sake of our wildlife and for living with nature according to sustainable principles? These fundamental issues are covered in this book.

Australia enjoys an astonishing range of unusual and beautiful plants. For the first time, The Australian Garden shows how Australian plants can be used in all the major gardening styles. Using Australian plants is critical to creating an 'Australian garden'. This book provides a vast array of Australian plants for designing groundcovers, features, ornamentals, infill or for almost any purpose.

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232 pages/ Hard cover/260mm x 260mm/ISBN 9781876473334/RRP$55.00

Aust's best gardens



100 Australian Gardens & Landscapes

Edited by Takle Gary

This book will showcase 100 never been seen before gardens and could be the most comprehensive book on Australian garden design ever produced. As a follow on from the successful book ‘Best Australian Gardens & Landscapes’, this new instalment walks the reader through some of Australia’s finest Gardens. Here we showcase the best of Australia’s residential gardens and landscape designs from our nations best designers and landscapers. We show you what is current in cutting edge design and show you how you can achieve the same look at your house. People within the landscape industry and consumers alike will love this book.

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192 pages/ Paperback/210 x 265mm/ISBN 9780980831474  /RRP$39.95




Australian Gardens for a Changing Climate

Jenna Reed Burns
Photography by Simon Griffiths

Australian Gardens for a Changing Climate guides today's gardener through these new challenges, including appropriate plant selection, soil improvement, the value of mulch and groundcovers, creating beneficial microclimates, and the methods of capturing and utilising water. In addition it features twenty-five inspiring dry-climate gardens from around the country - everything from stylish city courtyards and windswept seaside gardens, to groves of hardy natives, living tapestries of succulents, and country gardens that merge with the landscape.

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224 pages/ Hardback/255mm x 200mm/ISBN 9781920989859/RRP$49.95




The Australian Vegetable Garden

Clive Blazey

In this fantastic book, completely revised and updated, you'll learn the secrets to growing your own fabulous, fresh produce using the gardener's inheritance - heirloom vegetables. Tastier, more diverse and producing higher yields than commercially grown varieties, these vegetables are the best to grow in any vegetable garden. Clive Blazey has collected practical information and expert advice on cultivation and growing tips so that you can get started growing your own totally edible garden from heirloom varieties. The Australian Vegetable Garden has four main sections covering all aspects of vegetable growing including: the best vegetables to grow for taste, ornamental value and self-sufficiency; cultivation basics; a directory of growing vegetables; and seed saving. Accompanied by colour photographs, charts and a climatic map of growing seasons throughout Australia, this book will be your only guide to growing your own vegetables, whether you have a large plot of land or only forty-two square metres.

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128 pages/ Paperback/216 x 280mm/ISBN 9781877069888 /RRP$29.95




Bromeliads: The Connoisseur's Guide

Andrew Steens

If there's one category of the gardening market that's hot and getting hotter, it's bromeliads, those extraordinary epiphytes whose collectors and connoisseurs quickly become complete addicts. In this follow-on from his highly successful Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden, bromeliad expert Andrew Steens takes bromeliads fanciers-both newbies and experts-on a wonderful journey into the wilds of South America, explaining bromeliad habitat and threats to their ecosystems with David Attenborough-like energy. Then he proceeds to a roll call of over 300 exotic, rare and must-have bromeliad species. Complete with growing (greenhouse and outdoors), hybridising and collecting advice, this comprehensive book is a must-have for the bromeliad lover.

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400 pages/ Hardcover/185mm x 200mm/ISBN 9781876314231 /RRP$39.95




Contemporary Australian Garden Design

John Patrick & Jenny Wade

Gardening Australia's John Patrick and Jenny Wade take you on a tour of some of Australia's most beautiful gardens ranging from courtyards to country, and introduce you to the personalities and design practices of our top designers. Jamie Durie, Paul Bangay, Peter Fudge, John Patrick, Janine Mendel, Rick Eckersley and many more demonstrate how they approach a design brief, assess a site and solve design problems. Each designer gives details of their planting schemes and final design decisions. They also offer design tips to help you overcome problems with your own garden. Beautifully designed and photographed, Contemporary Australian Garden Design will be a welcome addition to any gardener's library.

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288 pages/ Hardback/234mm x 292mm/ISBN 9780733323027 /RRP$69.95




Creating an Australian Garden

Angus Stewart

Angus Stewart has worked for decades on selecting and breeding Australian plants to make them more gardener-friendly. Creating an Australian Garden not only passes on the knowledge gained from Angus's extensive experience as a plant breeder-it empowers us all to unlock the secrets of cleverly designed Australian gardens that provide year-round colour, vibrant foliage and havens for wildlife.

Find out how to choose the ideal plants for your climate, or create a microclimate to accommodate the spectacular native plants you'd like to grow. See how versatile native plants can be, becoming part of any garden style you envisage for your backyard. Most importantly, learn everything you need to know, from planning to planting, to allow you to create a stunning native garden, wherever you live.

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256 pages/ Hard Cover/215mm x 280mm/ISBN 9781742370835/RRP$49.95




Gardeners Companion to Eucalypts – Fourth Edition

Ivan Holliday & Geoffrey Waton

No group of plants is so characteristically Australian as the Eucalypts, yet individual species are by no means easy to identify. This practical book, now revised and updated, identifies more than 140 species commonly grown in or seen around cities, regardless of their state of origin. For each major species the plant is described, the range given, diagnostic features are summarised, related species are discussed, and their horticultural requirements outlined.

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303 pages/ Paperback/105 x 213mm/ISBN 9781876334857 /RRP$34.95





Gardening Down Under

Kevin Handrek

This fully revised edition of Kevin Handreck’s classic best-seller contains a wealth of information for practical gardeners. It will enable you to improve the worst of soils, choose the best fertiliser for particular plants and minimise water use. It also contains a comprehensive guide to managing potted plants.

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304 pages/ Softcover/170mm x 245mm/ISBN 9780643066779  /RRP$44.95



Gardening Through the Year in Australia

Ian Spence

Your month-by-month guide to what to do when in the garden.

Successful gardening depends on timing - knowing what to do and when to do it. Get ahead in your garden with this authoritative and easy-to-use gardener’s companion to the horticultural year.

Features more than 1300 seasonal tasks for every part of your garden, including at-a-glance checklists of monthly jobs plus invaluable 'Get Ahead' and 'Last Chance' features to make the best use of your time.

Inspirational DIY projects for every month - from creating a small pond feature to making a cold frame - help you upgrade your garden or make maintenance easier.

Sumptuously illustrated with over 1000 glorious photographs, including a gallery of star plants for each month, plus expert advice on cultivation.

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384 pages / Paperback/ 230mm x 255mm / ISBN 9781740337601 / RRP $45.00




Green - Eco-wow gardens from Dry Spell Gardening

Brendan Moar

In Green, popular television presenter Brendan Moar unveils the secrets and incredible design potential of climate-friendly gardening. Based on the successful LifeStyle Channel television show 'Dry Spell Gardening', this book presents a behind-the-scenes look at the makeover of twelve Australian gardens. Designed by Brendan and driven by climate-friendly choices and eco-friendly materials, these gardens are first and foremost beautiful gardens tailored to their owners' lifestyles.

Green is both an exploration of these gardens and a guide to eco-gardening, featuring informative breakout chapters such as ‘To lawn or not to lawn?’, suggested plant lists, recommended materials and gardening techniques. In his entertaining style, Brendan both inspires and educates readers with his creativity and depth of knowledge.

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272 pages/ Paperback/230 x 258mm/ISBN 9781742661155 /RRP$45.00




Let's Propagate: A plant propagation manual for Australia

Angus Stewart

Let's Propagate! is for anyone interested in hands-on propagation in Australia, either professionally or in the home garden. The book is a marvellous gardening companion for suburban gardeners who crave a creative element amidst the weeding, mowing and pruning; gardeners who are frustrated after trying to adapt imported and inappropriate information to local conditions; gardeners in search of Australian varietals; recreational gardeners and professional propagators alike who wish to be abreast of new techniques and research to stimulate germination in many difficult-to-propagate Australian plants; those who wish to expand the range of plants currently available to them; and anyone who wishes to experience the joy of fostering and nurturing new life. Gardening media personality and avid propagator, Angus Stewart, takes us from the first principles to the latest sophisticated techniques. His infectious passion for his subject will make you yearn to get out there to create landscapes and gardens, grow trees, or perhaps help revive endangered species

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288 pages/ Paperback/176 x 240mm/ISBN 9781742375816 /RRP$35.00




Making More Plants: The Science, Art and Joy of Propagation

Ken Druse

For people who love gardens, propagation is gardening itself, the practice of growing whatever you want, whenever you want. Whether you crave healthy, vigorous plants, wish to grow new ones to share with friends, or hope to produce scores of them to fill your own beds and borders -- for free -- Making More Plants will help fulfill your most vivid garden dreams. Ken Druse, one of America's foremost gardening authorities, an award-winning photographer, and the author of the best-selling Natural Garden series, presents innovative, practical techniques for expanding any plant collection, with more than 500 full-color photographs.

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256 pages/ Paperback/218mm x 280mm/ISBN 9781584799603 /RRP$33.95




A Passion for Place - Gardens of the Blue Mountains

Alison Halliday & Joanne Hambrett
Photography by Ian Brown

A Passion for Place: Gardens of the Blue Mountains reflects the horticultural aspirations and passions of the gardeners. Design and plant choices are revealed through the evolving histories of the gardens from the days of early settlement.

Beautifully showcased through Ian Brown’s evocative photographs, the featured gardens range from those mellowed by over a century of growing time, through the golden years between the wars, to those tackling the challenges of modern-day gardening.

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256 pages/ Hard Cover/215mm x 280mm/ISBN 9781876473778/RRP$59.95

Plants for Australian Dry Gardens



Plants for Australian Dry Gardens - Water-efficient plants for drought-proof gardening

M. Nankervis

In Plants for Australian Dry Gardens, horticulturist Marcelle Nankervis presents a plant directory of surprising depth and variety. Over 600 species, both indigenous and exotic, are featured, and information on each plant’s cultivation requirements, growth habits and preferred aspect provides all the detail you need to choose the water-efficient plants best suited to your climate and garden style.

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224 pages/ Soft cover/245 x 210mm/ISBN 9781741962857 /RRP$39.95




Rural Australian Gardens

Myles Baldwin

Like many of us, landscape designer Myles Baldwin dreams of living in the country one day. For Rural Australian Gardens, he travels from subtropical and temperate to alpine and arid regions around the country to find the best and most unusual gardens.

As well as revealing the stories behind the gardens, Rural Australian Gardens also includes practical horticultural information on using trees, hedges, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers in rural settings around Australia.

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288 pages/ Hard cover/266mm x 255mm/ISBN 9781741964707/RRP$89.95




Small Native Plants for Australian Gardens

Nola Parry & Jocelyn Jones

Native plants, through their versatility, striking and elegant forms and their beautiful flowers, foliage and seed heads, can greatly enhance your garden. They can be massplanted or used singly as a feature and be grown around ponds, along paths or in containers. Small Native Plants for Australian Gardens is a complete guide to native grasses and grass-like plants, with full-colour images.

If you’re unfamiliar with Australia’s wide variety of native plants, you will be pleasantly surprised by Small Native Plants for Australian Gardens, an invaluable guide for horticulturalists, students, landscapers and gardeners.

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320pages/Paperback/260x240m/ISBN 9781877069611/RRP$29.95





Starting out with Natives

John Wrigley and Murray Fagg

Growing native plants is easy. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned gardener, Starting Out With Natives will help you to choose species to suit your area and your garden. Plants are grouped alphabetically by common name, and the species described are generally available either in your local nursery or at specialist native nurseries. The plants featured in this book have been selected for different zones around Australia. These are shown on a map in the introduction, colour-coded to correspond with zones given in the species entries, so you can see at a glance whether a plant will grow well in your area.

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176 pages/Paperback/210mmx148mm/ISBN9781876334666/RRP$24.95




Starting Out With Palms

David L Jones

Palms - an amazing group of plants - attract a dedicated following of enthusiasts. This is a great introduction to palms and their cultivation - especially palms suitable for home gardens and containers. The book is full of invaluable information on: how palms grow; landscaping with palms; easy palms to start with; how to grow and maintain palms; palm species - fan-leaved, costapalmate-leaved, entire-leaved, feather-leaved with and without a crownshaft and fishtail.

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192 pages/ Paperback/153 x 216mm/ISBN 9781877069727 /RRP$24.95






Waterwise Gardening

Kevin Walsh

Waterwise gardening sets out the six basic principles by which we can have a beautiful garden and save water too. It describes over 200 drought tolerant trees, shrubs, groundcovers, perennials and bulbs - most of which are illustrated, and discusses their needs and features. Includes info on setting up a tank and use of greywater.

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192 Pages / Paperback / 230mm x 150mm / ISBN 9781877069017 RRP $24.95



Waterwise Gardening

Readers Digest

This book provides practical advice on growing a beautiful, bountiful garden while keeping your water usage to a minimum. Every aspect of waterwise gardening is covered: choosing the right plants for your conditions; looking after plants so they grow healthy and hardy and need minimal supplementary watering; capturing rainwater and making the best use of the water you do have. There is an illustrated A-Z guide with hundreds of plants that grow well in dry climates, step-by-step advice on capturing and storing rainwater, and information on using compost and mulches, grouping plants needing similar amounts of water, creating shade cover and reducing lawn area.

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320 pages/ Paperback/260mm x 210mm/ISBN 9781921743436 /RRP$35.00