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Australian Succulent Plants - an introduction

Attila Kapitany

This book present a fresh approach to conventional attitudes and ideas about the diversity and beauty of Australian flora. With Australia’s natural flora of well over 20,000 species, at least 400 are considered to have a notable degree of succulence.

This book covers approximately one hundred species from 40 genera and most are described and illustrated in some detail. There are additional notes on traditional and modern foods, availability, cultivation, conservation and other items of interest. Included are some of the most under-appreciated, diverse, and interesting Australian plants. Many of them are among the most drought or dry tolerant of all plants, though some are not always obviously succulent.

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240 pages/Hard Cover/225mm x 290mm/isbn 0646463810/rrp $79.95





Echeveria Cultivars

Lorraine Schulz & Attila Kapitany

A great deal of confusion exists with echeveria identification.  This book correctly identifies over 150 different types.  It is meant as a visual feast of the beauty of echeverias as well as an identification guide.  No other books have offered such coverage, making this book the standard by which others on the subject will be measured.  The text throughout is jargon-free, in keeping with the author’s desire to make this book an easy and enjoyable reading experience for everyone.

Lavishly illustrated throughout with superb photographs.

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207 pages/Hard cover/220mm x 285mm/ISBN0 9585167 7 4/RRP$49.95



More Succulents for the Garden

Rudolf Schulz & Attila Kapitany

This book arranges succulents according to their growth habits, allowing gardeners to make informed choices on where, how and why to use succulents in their garden.  Over 170 types of succulents are arranged in eight user friendly groupings.  It also covers some of the lesser understood old favourites, with echeverias being well represented. 

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95 pages/ Soft Cover/ISBN 0 9585167 3 1/RRP $22.00


Succulents Care and Health

Attila Kapitany

This book will provide a handy reference to all your questions about how succulents grow and thrive.

  • Repotting
  • Fertilising
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Pest and Diseases
  • Choosing a container
  • Recognising healthy plants
  • Basic propogation
  • Natural remedies

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100 pages/Soft Cover/245mm x 185mm/isbn0958516758/rrp$23.95




Succulents for the Contemporary Garden

Yvonne Cave

Succulents, with their striking forms, unusual colors, and easy-care reputation, are becoming an increasingly important design element in many contemporary gardens. Whether planted en masse, used as specimens in the garden, or featured in containers, they have much to offer landscapers and home gardeners. Succulents for the Contemporary Garden is a book for beginners, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike, presenting old favorites along with an enticing range of less-common, more collectable examples of these intriguing plants. Descriptions and cultivation information for hundreds of species and cultivars in more than 60 genera, from Adenia to Yucca, will help gardeners choose plants that are best suited to their design requirements and garden conditions.

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335 pages/ Paperback/185 x 205mm/ISBN 9781876314262 /RRP$39.95




Succulents for the Garden

Attila Kapitany

Succulents are no longer thought of as potted specimens, they are gaining favour as ground covers, borders, living mulches, fire retardants, slope stabilizers and a host of other exciting roles detailed in this book.

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95 pages/Soft Cover/245mm x 185mm/isbn0958516723/rrp$22.00



Succulents Propagation

Attila Kapitany & Rudolf Schulz

This book provides detailed step-by-step information on how to propagate both easy and more difficult species.  Experienced nurserymen reveal many trade secrets on how to propagate just about any type of succulent.  Both beginners and experienced succulent growers will be sure to find information relevant to their needs.  With this book you may never need to buy another succulent again!

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112 pages/Soft Cover/185mm x 22250mm/ISBN 0 9585167-6-6/RRP $22.00



Succulent Success in the Garden. Gardeners using waterwise succulents

Atilla Kapitany & Rudolf Schulz

If you hold the belief that succulents come from and like the desert and can only be used in a dry setting than this book will change your views.  Six gardeners explore beautiful and very diverse ways in which they have used succulents in their gardens.  They show their flair for artistic design, using and blending succulents with other plant types, using garden ornaments as well as some practical landscape uses of succulents in their gardens.  Savour, enjoy and become inspired!

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104 pages/ Soft Cover/185mm x 250mm/ISBN 0-9585167-4-x/RRP $22.00