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Artisans in the Gardens

Artisans in the Gardens Exhibition
Cultivate (new for 2014)

The popular Artisans in the Gardens exhibition will return for its fourteenth year in 2014. Held in the iconic Lion Gate Lodge in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, the exhibition showcases the work of some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists and craftspeople.

The exhibition features the works of artists from around Australia including emerging and established contemporary jewellers, ceramicists, glass makers, textile artists, weavers and sculptors.

Presented by Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Artisans brings together some of the country’s most innovative and exciting artisans whose inspiration for their outstanding work is drawn from the beauty and complexity of nature.

This year will also see the launch of Cultivate, an innovative exhibition that will showcase the work of new and emerging talent. Held in the beautiful Palm House in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Cultivate will challenge traditional perceptions and craft conventions, while exploring the strong correlation between art and nature.

All work is for sale and proceeds support the work of the Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust.

Cultivate: New Artisans and Artisans in the Gardens are associated events of Art & About Sydney 2014, produced by City of Sydney. For more information visit


Artisans in the Gardens Exhibition 2014

When: Saturday 11 - Sunday 19 October, 10 am-4 pm
Where: Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.
Cost: Free Entry

Cultivate - New Artisans Exhibition 2014

When: Saturday 4 - Tuesday 14 October, 10 am-4 pm
Where: Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.
Cost: Free Entry

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Applications have now closed for the 2014 Exhibition.

For enquiries contact the curator, Julieanne Mills, Mob: 0418 468 418 or email:

Application deadline Monday 31 March
Selection and notification Wednesday 30 April
Registration deadline Friday 30 May
Inventory deadline Monday 1 September
Artisans - delivery of artwork Monday 6 - Tuesday 7 October
Artisans in the Gardens - opening night Friday 10 October
Artisans in the Gardens - exhibition Saturday 11 - Sunday 19 October
Artisans - artwork collection Sunday 19 - Monday 20 October
Cultivate - delivery of artworks Tuesday 30 Sept & Wednesday 1 October
Cultivate - set up exhibition Tuesday 30 Sept - Thursday 2 October
Cultivate - opening day- Palm House Saturday 4 October
Cultivate - exhibition Saturday 4 October - Tuesday 14 October 10 am-4 pm
Cultivate - purchasers collection Tuesday 14 October
Cultivate - artist collection Wednesday 15 October

2014 Artists


  • Peter Anderson 
  • Julie Bartholomew
  • Mollie Bosworth 
  • Ursula Burgoyne (Cultivate)
  • Linda Davy
  • Milly Dent (Cultivate)
  • Helen Earl
  • Jan Howlin
  • Niharika Hukku (Cultivate)
  • Dimity Kidston
  • Alison Littlemore
  • Katherine Mahoney
  • Louise Martiensen (Cultivate)
  • Kylie Rose McLean (Cultivate)
  • Denise McDonald
  • Maggie Paradysz (Cultivate)
  • Aleida Pullar
  • Linda Seiffert (Cultivate)
  • Ella Szpindler
  • Wendy Thurgate
  • Hayden Youlley (Cultivate)


  • Meg Caslake 
  • Nikki Main
  • Harriet Schwarzrock


  • Bee Bowen (Cultivate)
  • Fiona Budzynski 
  • Sarah Howell
  • Jenny Louey (Cultivate)
  • Julie Ryder
  • Jane Theau (Cultivate)


  • Laura Anthony (Cultivate)
  • Lyn Balzer
  • Giselle Courtney + Tony Perkins
  • Natalie Gock (Cultivate)
  • Fiona Lu (Cultivate)
  • Fiona Martin
  • Fiona Meller (Cultivate)
  • Marisa Molin
  • Sassy Park (Cultivate)
  • Michelle Pujol (Cultivate)
  • Emily Snadden
  • Suzy Weir (Cultivate)


Object design

  • Glen Barratt


  • Terry Baker
  • Thor Beowulf
  • Senden Blackwood
  • Braidwood Central School 
  • Katherine Cocoran (Cultivate)
  • Steve Croquett
  • Marguerite Derricourt
  • Geoff Harvey
  • Aesha Hendersen (Cultivate)
  • Bev Hogg & Marianne Courtenay
  • Odette Ireland (Cultivate)
  • Laura Jade (Cultivate)
  • Barbara Licha (Cultivate)
  • Jen Mallinson
  • Natalia Maras (Cultivate)
  • Rachel McCallum (Cultivate)
  • Lucy McEachern
  • Clare Nicholson
  • Kevin Norton
  • Adam Rish
  • Jan Shaw
  • Morgan Shimeld
  • Christine Simpson (Cultivate)
  • Ralph Tikerpae
  • Jacek Wankowski
  • Judy Warne
  • Doffy White


  • Isabel Avendano (Cultivate)
  • Elod Gunther
  • Gayl Leake
  • Chris Polglase


  • David Suckling (Cultivate)
  • Nadya Van Ewyk (Cultivate)


  • Cam Scott (Cultivate)
  • Jacqueline Spedding (Cultivate)



Lyn & Tony Africa Unique

Harriet Schwarzrock Glass Vases

Helen Earl Gingko Biloba Heart

Bev Hogg & Marianne Courtney
Groundwork III

Julie Ryder Tea Towel design

Adam Rish Orang TV

Jan Howlin Family Tree

Jacek Wanowski Inflorescence