Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get approval to hold an event at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney?

Before contacting the Botanic Gardens Trust please take some time to refine your concept.

For some guidance on your event requirements and the types of event related items you will need to consider see:

All approvals for Public Outdoor Events require a written proposal and map of location to be submitted to the Trust.

The Trust recommends you use the Outdoor Public Event Proposal Guidelines which outline the type of information that is required by the Trust to consider a public outdoor event.

Once you have reviewed this document, the Trust would recommend you visit the site to see if it is suitable for your event.

What is the process of approval for a special event?

The Trust has three Venue Coordinators who look after public events held on its lands. We recommend you talk with a Venue Coordinator prior to submitting a written proposal, so you can assess the viability of your event with us first.

The Venue Coordinator will need to know details of your event in order to initially assess whether it can be accommodated on Trust lands and within our schedule. After this, you are required to submit a proposal to the Trust. Refer to Outdoor Public Event Proposal Guidelines.

Event proposals are assessed and approved by the Trust’s Event Approvals Committee based on suitability of the proposed event to the Trust’s annual event calendar, availability of the site, organiser’s event experience and reference checks.

How do I know if my preferred site is available?

Contact one of the Trust’s Venue Coordinators to check the availability of the location.

Befpre you call or email please make sure you can advise the following:

  • What the event is
  • Where you wish to hold it (specify the area/ lawn)
  • When you plan to hold the event (date and timing)
  • How many people you plan to attend

Email: or Ph: 02 9231 8111
All information is treated as commercial in confidence.

Please note - the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is a place of passive recreation and approval will only be given to an event located in the Domain or one of our specially designated event sites.

How much will the site cost to hire?

Every event has different impacts and requirements and because of this we advise fees after your proposal is approved.

Why do I have to pay to hold an event and will the Trust waive site fees?

The Trust is not fully funded by Government and is required to raise funds for vital scientific and horticultural research and to assist with our community education programs. Income from public outdoor events supports these programs. Income from public outdoor events supports these programs and therefore event fees cannot be waived.

When should I submit my proposal?

Proposals should be received at least 6 months in advance of the event, preferably one year before in order to assure availability of your preferred site and time for the review process by the Trust.

How long does the assessment process take?

Assessment of the proposal may take up to 6 weeks once all the relevant information has been received.

What happens once my proposal is approved?

If your proposal is approved, the Trust will issue a Licence Agreement and fee. The Licence Agreement will require detailed event management plans addressing each aspect of the event and how these will be managed on Trust lands.

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For further information contact the Events Office Venue Coordinator:
Ph: 02 9231 8111
Fax: 02 9231 8054