Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Eucalyptus pulverulenta

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah - June

Common name silver-leaved mountain gum, florists silver dollar
Scientific name Eucalyptus pulverulenta Sims.
Family  Myrtaceae

Genus: From Greek, eu, well and calyptos, covered referring to the cap which covers the developing flowers.

Species: pulverulenta - From Latin, pulverulentus, powdered, dusty, covered with powder referring to the powdery white bloom on leaves, young stems and inflorescences.

Distribution Small stands in the Bowenfels district on the NSW Central Tablelands (Lithgow to Bathurst), and a few occurrences on the NSW Southern Tablelands (Bredbo and Bombala).
Native habitat Open woodland. Steep, rocky slopes at altitudes of 800-1000 m asl, usually on well-drained skeletal soils, are characteristic habitats of the northern populations. Sandy or gravelly loams over shales and sedimentary, rock are characteristic habitats of populations in the in the south.
Description A straggly mallee or small understorey tree to 10 metres in height. The juvenile foliage: grey, round and stem-clasping is maintained on most mature trees. Flowers, in clusters of three appear between the tiered leaves.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers May to December.


Australian Woodland bed AW196, on the north side of the garden and east of the Northern Pavilion. There are three plants.


For us at Mount Tomah this is a ‘local rare plant’, listed as Vulnerable. It is threatened by grazing, habitat loss and fragmentation and because of its small number of extant populations and low number of plants. The species is insect-pollinated, which may limit the pollen dispersal range to approximately 250 m. Widespread pollen sterility and low genetic diversity has been recorded in populations of this species.

Its highly decorative foliage has led to it being grown commercially as an ornamental and for cut foliage for the florist industry, where it is known as ‘florists silver dollar’. The species is also used widely as a landscaping specimen, especially in California in the United States of America.