Acer saccharum

Scientific name: Acer saccharum

Author: Humphry Marshall 1722-1801

Common name: Sugar Maple, Rock Maple

Family: Aceraceae


Acer saccharum   


You will find these trees in the Residence Garden and along the new path below the Heath and Heather Garden leading to a recently completed bridge across Bells Line of Road. Here the cultivated garden is linked with our Natural Conservation Area because of the tireless efforts and bountiful generosity of The Friends of The Gardens.

An encounter with the Blue Mountains flora is on offer from the viewing deck on the northern side. Autumn leaves form drifts along the meandering bridge-path through the North American Deciduous Woodland. Itís a vibrant, crackling place to celebrate a northern hemisphere Fall.

As a cool-climate garden we display many plants that produce edible commodities and most are bountiful in autumn. Walnuts, chestnuts, some acorns, pine nuts, pears, crab-apples and some fungi are usually thought of as harvestable foods. 

Our feature plant, Acer saccharum, the Sugar Maple, produces sap yielding maple syrup and maple sugar. Its timber and ornamental qualities are also valued. Deep, fertile, well-drained soils with a lime substratum and abundant water best suit this species from eastern and central North America.