Alnus glutinosa

Scientific name: Alnus glutinosa

Author: Carl Linnaeus 1707-1778, Joseph Gaertner 1732-1791

Common name: Common Alder

Family: Betulaceae


Alnus glutinosa   


Head for the road that runs through the middle of the Rock Garden. If you use your Visitor Guide map, then half way between Rock Garden and Residence Garden you will find two short, deciduous trees covered with cones and catkins. These are our featured trees, the Common Alder, Alnus glutinosa, from Europe.

Seed arrived from the University of Oldenburg Botanic Garden Germany in 1987, and our specimens were planted out in 1991.

The advice in one book was that there was not much to recommend this species being brought into the garden, and suggested other, more attractive Alnus species. Fortunately, a botanic garden displays diversity and not simply the bold and beautiful of the horticultural world.