Camellia x williamsii cv. Clarrie Fawcett

Scientific name: Camellia x williamsii cv. Clarrie Fawcett

Common name: ‘Clarrie Fawcett’

Family: Theaceae 



Camellia Clarrie Fawcett   


A puddle of pink petals between the ramp from the Visitor Centre viewing deck and the Residence Garden will alert you to the presence of Camellia x williamsii cultivar Clarrie Fawcett.  

This free-flowering hybrid was raised in 1946 by the  Australian camellia breeder Professor E.G. Waterhouse.

Nearby, at the top of the Terrace Steps, three other camellias peep above the hedge. These are: Camellia japonica cv. Mariana, a pendulous, pale-pink beauty that is yet-to-be identified, and Camellia japonica cv. Chandleri.

There are plenty more camellias to admire as we pass mid-winter and head toward spring. Camellia transnokoensis has maroon-tipped buds and a profusion of small, pure-white flowers. There is a specimen of this wonderfully long-flowering shrub between Camellia ‘Clarrie Fawcett’ and the circular seat in the Residence Garden.