Camellia sasanqua

Scientific name: Camellia sasanqua

Author: Carl Peter Thunberg 1743-1828

Common name: Snow on the Mountain Peak,White Doves

Family: Theaceae


Camellia sasanqua   


Charm, grace and versatility mark our feature plant, Camellia sasanqua ‘Mine-no-yuki’. We have two shrubs to about 4 metres in height, located between the Entry Booth and the Nursery and Depot area, marked on the Visitor Guide map. They stand on the western side of the driveway to the Residence and were probably planted between 1931 and 1968 by the previous owners of this land, Alfred and Effie Brunet.


To accommodate a gate the lower portion of one of our plants is clipped as a hedge and trimmed immediately after flowering to ensure a cover of blossom each year. Above this the graceful arching stems cascade under the weight of flowers. Below, the path is clothed as if snow has just fallen. The drama is increased by the contrast of the deep-green, highly reflective foliage with the clear-white, multi-petalled flowers. Notches along the outer petal edge increasing the sense of abundance.

Each autumn we look forward to the flowering of this charming camellia. Just after Anzac Day, a few flowers open and often blossoms are still present in early June.

This cultivar came from Japan, probably via North America. Sasanqua camellias grow in the warmer southern areas of Japan and have found favour in the similarly temperate gardens of Australia, New Zealand and southern North America. They can be clipped and trained making them useful as hedges, backdrops and as espaliered specimens.