Eucalyptus gregsoniana

Scientific name: Eucalyptus gregsoniana

Author: Lawrence Alexander Sidney Johnson, (1925-1997) and Donald Frederick Blaxell, (1934-)

Common name: Wolgan Snow Gum, Mallee Snow Gum

Family: Myrtaceae


Eucalyptus gregsoniana   


If you walk down to the Southern Hemisphere Woodland you can admire the Wolgan Snow Gum and many other cool-climate native treasures.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is one of the venues for the Blue Mountains ‘Premiere World Heritage and Arts Festival: Songlines Festival’.

The great diversity of eucalypt species within the million hectares of bushland surrounding the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden was one of the reasons for the successful listing of this area as World Heritage. One of the 92 eucalypt species living within the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area is the Wolgan Snow Gum, Eucalyptus gregsoniana. This eucalypt is very localised in the western Blue Mountains between Clarence and Lithgow and is also known from the Shoalhaven headwaters. Its name honours the Gregsons, father and son, residents of nearby Mount Wilson and keen students of eucalypts. So, we are proud that it has so many close links with our area.

Taxonomically our featured plant has close links with the Snow Gum, E. pauciflora, as its previous name suggests.