Magnolia X soulangiana

Scientific name: Magnolia X soulangiana cv. Extinus

Author: Etienne Soulange-Boudin (1774-1846)

Common name: Magnolia cultivar Extinus

Family: Magnoliaceae



Magnolia x soulangiana   


Head for the Residence Garden and continue into the Conifer Cultivar section, taking the downhill grass path.  Magnolia X soulangiana cv. Rustica Rubra will greet you at the entrance to a grassy glade edged with many more cultivar and species magnolias. Our featured plant, Magnolia X soulangiana cv. Extinus is in the centre of the bed.

In the early 1820s Etienne Soulange-Bodin hybridised Magnolia denudata, the ivory-white, goblet-flowered, citrus-fragrant, with Yulan and Magnolia liliiflora, known as Mu-lan and having pink to claret tepals. We display both these species magnolias in the bed below the Visitor Centre viewing deck.

Since the 1800s many forms of Soulange-Bodinís cross have been named and they provide us with a wide variety of  choice for the garden. Sadly, the cultivar Extinus does not appear on the checklist of magnolia cultivars.