Scientific name: Narcissus

Common name: Daffodils

Family: Amaryllidaceae




Even with the drought our spring bulbs are looking magnificent this year. So, if this is your passion why not walk from the Visitor Centre, through the Residence Garden, to the Conifer Cultivar area then down the grass path to the two big oaks. On your way you will encounter many Narcissus.

If you have not tired of daffodils you could visit the Brunet Meadow and the road edge below the Brunet Pavilion, with Wattle Day on the first of September, being Australian will be important at this time. So, you may like to visit some acacias.

The first two wattles grow wild below the Eurasian Woodland and elsewhere in the garden as they are endemic to Mount Tomah. Scarlet Blaze is on the up-hill side of the road and east of the Northern Pavilion and Cascade is in the Rock Garden, above the large pond. The mountain form of the Sunshine Wattle you will have seen on the sandstone areas at the road edges to the east and west of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and it flowers within our Conservation Area on Tomah Spur.