Narcissus tazetta italicus

Scientific name: Narcissus tazetta italicus

Common name: Straw White, Stars, Minor Monarch

Family: Amaryllidaceae



Narcissus tazetta italicus   


Head for the lawn below the Residence Garden. Here you will find two large oaks and in the grassy area beneath these trees a display of woodland bulbs. Narcissus tazetta italicus forms part of this display and can also be enjoyed below the Brunet Pavilion.

Thankfully the fragrance and display continue despite confusion surrounding the scientific name. There is a Narcissus italicus Ker.-Gawl with pale straw yellow tepals, as you see here, and a description that seems to fit our plants. Then there is the theory that Narcissus tazetta italicus is actually a sterile hybrid between Narcissus tazetta and Narcissus papyraceus, found in Italy where the two species overlap.

Note that Narcissus papyraceus isn't an Italian native, but was introduced long ago and naturalised, especially along the coasts. Our bulbs were supplied as gifts by neighbours who had received their stock from Alfred and Effie Brunet who grew cut-flowers on the land that is now, thanks to their generous gift, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.