Persoonia chamaepitys

Scientific name: Persoonia chamaepitys

Author: Allan Cunningham 1791-1839

Common name: Prostrate Geebung, Mountain Geebung

Family: Proteaceae


Persoonia chamaepitys   


A green cascading, moss-like mat tumbles over the rocks on the downhill side of the Caley Garden Bed 109, just below the Gardens Restaurant. Our featured plant can also be encountered between the Car Park and the Visitor Centre. It is the Prostrate Geebung or Mountain Geebung, Persoonia chamaepitys, and may have been one of the plants collected by George Caley in 1804 on his historic trip to the Carmarthen Peak that he named Mount Banks.

George Caley, a keen 19th century naturalist with a passion for botany, was talent spotted by Sir Joseph Banks who sent him to Sydney as a collector in 1800.

Do you think that Caley’s description could match our featured plant? Persoonia procumbens forms a large mat upon the ground, with very branching thickly set leaves, scattered, dark green, smooth, cylindrical (but a little compressed), ending in small awned pointed flowers near the end of the branches, which are solitary, yellow, of a strong disagreeable smell, and with petals distended at the base.