Rhododendron cv. Unknown Warrior

Scientific name: Rhododendron cv. Unknown Warrior

Author: C. B. van Nes

Common name: Unknown Warrior

Family: Ericaceae


Rhododendron cv Unknown Warrior   


The path through the Residence Garden has a border on the up-hill side comprising three different rhododendrons. These are Rhododendron cultivar Unknown Warrior, Rhododendron cultivar Unique and Rhododendron maddenii subspecies crassum. The first of these is our featured plant, the second flowers at the same time and for the third we must all wait until nearer Christmas.

Between 1898 and 1921 the Dutch nurseryman C.B. van Nes raised seedlings of the cross 'Queen Wilhemina' x 'Stanley Davies' which, in addition to cultivar Unknown Warrior, include 'Britannia', 'Earl of Athlone', 'Langley Park', and 'C.B. van Nes'.

Our specimens were planted in 1982 and flower early and plentifully every year, though they have suffered a little during the recent two years of drought. They are grafted onto Rhododendron ponticum rootstock. It is necessary to check for shoots from this rootstock and to remove them as this more vigorous plant does have the potential to out-compete the grafted above-ground material known as the scion.

Rododenron poticum has thinner, glossier leaves and produces purple flowers. It can easily become an environmental weed and has done so within the Blue Mountains so please be alert to this possibility.