Rhododendron cultivar Queen Nefertiti

Scientific name:  Rhododendron cultivar Queen Nefertiti

Common name: Rhododendron cultivar Queen Nefertiti, a Lem hybrid.

Family: Ericaceae


Rhododendron cv Queen Nefertiti




You may glimpse her majesty in the top Terrace Garden Bed below the Visitor Centre Deck. Look just to the east of the landform guide on the handrail. Or, you may encounter her in the small garden adjacent to the Visitor Centre as you walk down the ramp and through to the Residence Garden. She is resplendent though, nestled at the lowest edge of the Residence Garden lawn, surrounded by loyal subjects clothed in a myriad of foliage textures and colours.

Fragrant blooms abound in our small Rosarium and the Perennial Beds in the Formal Garden paint splendid pictures for your delight. Scented rhododendrons perfume the air along the Plant Explorers Walk and those deep-piled lawns will only look complete when a rug is spread for your picnic.

As beauteous as the famed Queen herself! A certain regal poise is evident in the deep rose-pink buds and full trusses held aloft the stout branches on this reasonably disease resistant, late flowering, Lem hybrid, a clone of ‘Markeetas Prize’. Flourishing in full sun with a well-drained soil and an abundant water supply, this cultivar is said to benefit from the pinching out of the growing tips when young to give a well-shaped plant.