Rosa cv. Autumnalis

Scientific name: Rosa cv. Autumnalis


Common name: Rosa ‘Autumnalis’

Family: Rosaceae


Rosa cv. Autumnalis   


Our small rose garden remains a delight well into autumn and it’s less than 20 metres on a flat path from the Entrance Booth to this fragrant realm. Another advantage is that it is cared for tirelessly by very able horticulturists simply for your enjoyment.

Blossom-laden arches escaping joyously from a central pillar, Rosa cv. Autumnalis is a picture of pastel perfection.

Books on roses abound however few mention this appealing beauty. Possibly the imperfect history of its origin deters some authors. So, perhaps because she claims it as one of her ‘favourite Noisettes’ our local heritage rose expert, Dr Judyth McLeod has taken the time in, ‘Our Heritage of Old Roses’, to document what we do know about this rose cultivar. Judyth tells us its oldest catalogue listing was in 1912, however, its probable parentage suggests an origin back to Phillipe Noisette’s rose-breeding work in the early 1800s.