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The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah, acknowledges the land it occupies is part of Darug Aboriginal country and respects the rights of Indigenous people, particularly in relation to land, culture and heritage.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah, is in an area of tremendous significance to the original inhabitants of the area, the Darug people. ‘Tomah’ is reputedly the Darug word for tree fern. These magnificent plants dominate the rainforest in the area.

Darug Connections

This interpretive display at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden informs visitors about the Darug cultural landscape and celebrates the past, present and future Darug associations with Mt Tomah and other Aboriginal places in the region. The display comprises a number of signs located at significant places in the Garden. The signs are complemented by a booklet by Suzanne Kenney that tells the Darug Aboriginal story.

Works of art created by Darug artists Robyn Caughlan, Mrs Edna Watson and Ian Bundeluk Watson are used to illustrate both interpretive signs and booklet, and these works are on display at the the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Visitor Centre. Darug Connections was made possible by a grant provided under the Regional Tourism Program Development scheme.

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Darug painting by Mrs Edna Watson

Darug painting by Robyn Caughlan

Darug story board