Two special plants to celebrate 200 years

200th Birthday waratah “Corroboree”

Named “Corroboree” (Telopea speciosissima), the new waratah variety offers an extended period of flowering and is suitable for both gardens and containers. Sales are strictly limited with 1,500 young plants only available from the Growing Friends Nursery at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and from Eden Gardens North Ryde.

Horticultural and scientific staff at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney have been working on waratahs for many decades — researching plants in the wild to better understand how to improve waratahs in cultivation.

Corroboree is the result of a program to produce more vigorous plants with an extended flowering period. The original seed of this spectacular flowering plant was wild collected, with only the hardiest and best performing selected. The 200th Birthday Corroboree plants were then grown from cuttings from an individual from this selection to reduce variability.

Corroboree is a dense medium-to-large shrub growing to three metres unless pruned. Its broad green leaves create the perfect backdrop for an abundance of large deep-red blooms. Buds form and swell over winter before opening in August through September to reveal striking inflorescences that are iconic to New South Wales and the Australian bushland. Preferring a well-drained soil, it is the perfect garden plant for large gardens, or can be used as a container plant in smaller gardens.

Please note that these young plants are due to start flowering from spring 2017.

Corroboree has been developed in association with Proteaflora, an Australian family business specialising in the production of Proteaceae plants such as waratah, banksia and protea.

200th Birthday Dianthus “Let’s Celebrate”

In celebration of the 200th Birthday of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, a unique colour variety of Dianthus was bred and made available to gardening enthusiasts.

Only available in Australia, “Let’s Celebrate” is a cross of Dianthus chinensis and Dianthus amurensis for premium spring and summer garden performance and features delicate blue petals to brighten any garden or patio planting.

A competition with set criteria was developed to give this new release its own name. The winning entry was “Let’s Celebrate” and was named by Elizabeth Docking.

“Let’s Celebrate” is on sale at Flower Power retail outlets and also features in the Royal Botanic Garden star bed.

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