Overview of Services Opportunity or Business Initiative

Please use the form below to register your services opportunity or business initiative and to help you prepare your detailed proposal that you wish to present to the Trust for consideration.

Ensure that you complete and provide all requested details to enable us to fully consider your services opportunity or business initiative. It will help us to respond back to you promptly.

Your detailed proposal should clearly outline how you believe your service opportunity or business initiative may assist the Trust to promote and deliver its core objectives and help to enhance visitor experience, use and enjoyment of the Gardens and Domain.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support of The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Domain.


A draft Business Plan, including capital expenditure and cash flow projections, is required to be submitted with all proposals for consideration.
(eg. location, days and times of operation, when business started etc.)
eg. Temporary Permits for Food Vending, RSA / Liquor Licencing etc.
I acknowledge that the information provided above is true and accurate. I understand and accept that the Trust may make further enquiries, at its sole and absolute discretion, from the information provided above or any other relevant sources.
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