Plant Pathology Lab

Plant Diseases: Exposing the Threat

Tucked away behind a screen of camellias in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, in a mysterious laboratory marked Authorised Personnel Only, is the Plant Pathology Laboratory. 

We hope to unveil this space, and in turn deepen the community’s understanding of plant diseases and the important work of the scientists.

A discovery path will lead to a viewing platform where you can watch our scientists at work, be taken on an educational journey from the past to the future of plant pathology. 

With your help, the scientists will have better access to even more cutting edge technology, and the public will be better informed about how they can help combat the spread of disease.  

The scientists that work in your Gardens help to ensure the safety of Australia’s food crops and native plants. By using cutting-edge DNA extraction techniques we play a leading role in the fight against plant diseases.

Save the plants, save the planet

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