Stage 6 DNA Study Day

Get Down with DNA at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Location: The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney 
Date and time: Thursday 17th August 2017 | 10:00 - 11:30 or 12:30 - 2:00
Price: $18 per student for 1 session, $30 per student for 2 sessions. Schools will be invoiced after the program.
Contact: (02) 9231 8134
More info:

Real Life CSI: Analysing Crime Scene DNA
UTS Centre for Forensic Science 

What happens to DNA samples after they’ve been taken from a crime scene? Working with forensic biologists from The University of Technology Sydney’s Centre for Forensic Science, students will learn about the process of retrieving samples from crime scenes. They will compare different crime scene samples and test which ones give positive results, and look at DNA sequences to determine who the ‘suspect’ is. This is their chance to experience CSI reality as opposed to TV fiction! 

Playing Cupid: Genetic Diversity in Zoos and in the Wild
Taronga Zoo 

The genetics behind dating in the animal kingdom is much more than just good looks! 
The main goal of genetic match-making is to maintain high genetic diversity in populations. This makes for healthier animals and protects populations against sudden disease outbreaks and environmental events. Students will learn the importance of zoo and conservation genetics and help select the best breeding pair for the critically delicious Gummy Bear, Gummius Bearianata. 

Ivory, Bone or Bakelite? Forensic Investigation of Animal Products in the Wildlife Trade
Australian Museum 

Learn to identify illegal wildlife products and what species are being traded 
In this workshop, Australian Museum scientists will teach you the tricks of the trade in identifying illegal wildlife products. Students will try out some of the techniques used in Wildlife Forensics to find out what species are being traded, and where in the world they come from! 

Behind the Scenes DNA tour: Plant Labs in Action
The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney 

Go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Botanic Garden’s science laboratories. 
Experience the Botanic Gardens science labs on a special behind-the-scenes tour. Watch the magic as DNA appears on a transilluminator, identify species using fingerprinting technology and gel electrophoresis and extract your own DNA from thing you can find in your fridge! 

Restore and Renew: Exploring the Provenance of Plants
The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney 

Help solve the mystery of where plants come from using groundbreaking DNA research 
Using the latest computing techniques students will explore thousands of pieces of DNA to reveal how genetic variation is distributed in the landscape. This forms part of our current research project, Restore and Renew that aims to uncover evolutionary stories from more than 200 native plant families from across New South Wales in order to improve the success of bush regeneration of our flora.