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Calyx Tours

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Booking Request
Step 1 - Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in our school excursions at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Full day special offer: Book your group into two lessons in the one day to receive big discounts! *To view rates see here. **Terms and Conditions apply.

The submission of this form is a formal request for a booking on the dates and times specified, subject to availability.

If you do not wish to make a booking please send your queries to programs.info@bgcp.nsw.gov.au

Visit the largest indoor green wall in Australia as part of a school excursion or visit on a self-guided tour! The fourth floral display to hit The Calyx, Plants with Bite, will feature the beautiful but deadly carnivorous plants of the world including the snapping “Venus Fly Trap”, “Pitcher Plants” waiting to drown their prey and the dainty Drosera waiting to grab a bite to eat with ‘sticky fingers’. 


Stages ES1 - 3


The Calyx
There are three options to visit The Calyx with your class:
Option 1 – Choose a school excursion that already includes a tour and activities in The Calyx (Primary only)

Cost: Included in excursion booking (Primary only)
Bookings essential: Click the "Book Now" link and choose a primary school lesson which includes “The Calyx” in the title.

Option 2 - Add a 30 minute guided tour to your existing school excursion (Primary or Secondary)

Cost: $100 per class
Bookings essential: Choose “YES - $100 guided” in your excursion application form. Includes an introduction and interpretation by a Botanic Gardens Educator (Primary or Secondary). Only available if you are also booking a school excursion with us.

Option 3 - Self-guided: Walk through the exhibition with your students, pointing out fun facts as provided on a self-guided information sheet (Primary or Secondary).

Cost: Free. Donation requested upon entry.
Bookings essential: Choose “Calyx Tour only – free self-guided” in your excursion application form. Fact sheet provided on booking.

Questions? Please contact us on programs.info@bgcp.nsw.gov.au