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Project Codium

Codium needs our help!

Project Codium is a Stage 2 and Stage 3 STEM project that immerses students in Design Thinking, challenging them to build a community awareness prototype that aims to protect Codium fragile and the intertidal ocean zone (sometimes known as rock pools).

How it works

Students will engage in Design Thinking through
  1. Project Codium Living Learning: 
An online interactive resource which scaffolds the Design Process, builds Living World knowledge, and provides a platform for real world application
  1. DART Virtual Q and A’s Series with the Experts:
Scheduled Video conferences where students can put all their burning questions to our Seaweed and Communication and Design Experts
  1. The Project Codium STEM Day at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Due to the current COVID restrictions the onsite days have been cancelled and replaced with the above Virtual Excursion series offering.
  1. Display in the “Inside the Tide’ exhibition at The Calyx
Through engagement with the STEM program via the Virtual Excursion series and the Living Learning platform students can create a prototype that will go on display to the global community that visit the Calyx.
Through Project Codium your students will:
Critically think!
Communicate their learning to protect vulnerable coastal species!
Influence THOUSANDS OF VISITORS in person or through virtual tours at The Calyx!
Evaluate and reflect!


How might we build community awareness to protect Codium and the intertidal environment? 
This program is supported by “Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian
Government initiative”