Meet Katharine Catelotti

Name: Katharine Catelotti

Role: Technical Officer

What do you do? Germplasm propagation and storage for endangered Eastern Australian Persoonia species. Looking at ecological germination cues, for example fire related signals to break seed dormancy, with the end goal of being able to include these species in restoration work.

What is your favourite plant? The boab tree, Adansonia gregorii , because they are so old and grumpy.

Tell us about your garden: It is in a gully, it has paperbark trees and therefore we are lucky enough to get the lovely flying foxes visiting and chatting away in the evening.

Favourite bushwalk: the Macquarie Marshes

If I wasn’t a scientist I would be a: Acrobat

Career highlight: Scrapping emu poo out of the dirt in the searing hot desert sun for days on end.

Something I discovered or am proud of: That diced beetroot is really yummy in baked beans (with sautéed onions)

Hidden talent or hobby: my double jointed thumb.

Hear Katharine talking about her work on ABC’s Radio National.