Meet Nathan Emery

Nathan Emery kayakingName: Dr Nathan Emery

Position: Scientific Officer

What do you do? I’m investigating the ecological factors influencing the seed biology of Persoonia pauciflora so we may propagate plants for translocations.

What is your favourite plant? Lambertia formosa (Mountain Devil). It is a stunning plant with its bright red flowers that stand out in the sclerophyll woodlands of NSW

Do you have a garden? What’s in it? Yes. Apart from the herb garden there are Grevilleas, Frangipanis, and the odd Eucalypt and Elaeocarpus.

Favourite holiday destination: Tasmania.

If I wasn’t a scientist I would be a: Software developer or Photographer.

Career highlight: Completing my Ph.D. I was so pleased to discover that yes it did have an ending after all!

From an early age my parents took my siblings and I to National Parks and bushland areas around NSW where I became fascinated with nature. As a child, I had an interest in the sheer number of different plants and how other little creatures lived amongst these. This developed into a passion for science and ecology to understand how different species interact in the environment and what we can do to help them survive. I did my Honours and Ph.D. research in plant conservation in cooperation with the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, and now I work here full-time.

Watch Nathan's short film on how we all can reconnect with nature:

(Re)Discovery: a short film