Restore & Renew

Throughout Australia, landscapes are in need of restoration and rehabilitation, to support healthy bushland for animals, plants and people. Restore & Renew is an ambitious and important project that responds to the need for bush regenerators to incorporate the latest science into their toolkit, restoring healthy ecosystems that are diverse, resilient and adaptable.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is Australia’s oldest scientific institution. Restore & Renew is one of Australia's most future focused research projects, applying the very latest genetic technology to conservation in a way that could revolutionise bush regeneration practices.

The Restore & Renew team have already started collecting thousands of plant specimens from across hundreds of species across NSW, for genetic analysis. This information will be used to create a publicly available online resource where plants can be selected to suit specific sites. The recommended species will be genetically-appropriate and suited to the user’s location and conditions. Climate modelling will also allow practitioners to plant according to future forecasts, increasing the likelihood that the species will cope with a changing climate.

The four main goals of Restore & Renew are:

  • Provide provenance boundaries for location specific seed collections
  • Provide information on genetic diversity requirements for maximising fitness of restored populations
  • Support responses to predicated habitat shifts caused by climate change
  • Provide data for the establishment of seed production areas and other information relevant to the management of restored vegetation.