Dr Hervé Sauquet

Dr Hervé Sauquet
Systematic Botanist
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Research Interests:

I am an evolutionary biologist and botanist with a broad interest in macroevolution. My research interests concentrate on questions of floral evolution and macroevolution of angiosperms (flowering plants).

Some of my projects address these questions at large in angiosperms as a whole, while others focus on specific clades such as Magnoliidae and Proteaceae. I use a broad range of approaches including systematics, comparative methods, phylogenetic reconstruction, molecular dating, diversification rates, next-generation sequencing, evo-devo, floral and pollen morphology, and paleobotany. A key focus of my current and future research is to unravel and better understand large-scale patterns in the evolution of flowers (eFLOWER project).

Current Projects:

Personal website: http://www.sauquetlab.org/

eFLOWER project: http://www.eflower.org/

My research in 56 seconds​: https://youtu.be/aIUxJ5L9HTc