Dr Russell Barrett

Dr Russell Barrett
Systematic Botanist
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Research Interests:

Russell is a research botanist, author and photographer now based in Sydney, Australia, having grown up in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia.

He is passionate about botany, ecology, conservation, the Kimberley and sedges, to name just a few of his many interests. Widely travelled in Australia and abroad, he created this blog to share the many wonderful discoveries he has made along the way.

Current Projects:

•    Biogeography, evolution, ecology & diversity of Australian monsoon flora
•    Cryptic speciation in Australasian Cleome, Cleomaceae (Brassicales)
•    Evolutionary systematics & ecology of sword sedges, Lepidosperma & relatives (Cyperaceae)
•    Patterns of carnivore evolution: seed morphology of Droseraceae
•    Radiation of succulent plants: Australian Trianthema (Aizoaceae)
•    Identification keys for the Flora of the Kimberley Region, Western Australia