Dr Maurizio Rossetto

Dr Maurizio Rossetto
Manager, Senior Principal Research Scientist Email: maurizio.rossetto@rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au Phone: (02) 9231 8337 or 0438 829 557
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Research Interests:

The majority of my collaborative research projects revolve around a broad research vision: develop and apply research innovation to investigate the factors impacting on the spatio-temporal distribution and assembly of lineages. The vision can by summarized into two simple concepts: 1) describing and interpreting patterns of organismal diversity (measuring biodiversity); 2) describing and interpreting the fit of organisms to their environment (measuring adaptation). To achieve these objectives I integrate empirically obtained genetic, functional and environmental datasets.

Current Projects:

Restore & Renew; Rainforest evolution; Contrasting temporal dynamics: drift or selection; Patterns of adaptation and admixture in the Sydney region.