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Exhibitions at The Calyx

The Calyx is a vibrant hub of activity located right in the heart of the Garden. The Calyx is recognised nationally and was recently awarded Australia’s ‘Best Community Facility of the Year’ at the 2019 Parks and Leisure National Awards of Excellence.


The Calyx


Up to 50 guests

Transport Info

Public transport recommended. Limited parking available
Key Information
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Cocktail Functions 

Client Access
Due to the sensitive location of the Palm House, only limited essential vehicles may access the venue via Access Road off Mrs Macquaries Road. All vehicles must be escorted into the Garden by a Ranger. Rangers will be responsible for opening and closing the venue as required. Prior to the booking, a schedule of your access requirements will need to be provided to the Functions Coordinator.

Guest Access
Via Woolloomooloo Gate on Mrs Macquaries Road. See Site Map for details.

Indoor: Palm House only, the small building back of house is not available for hire.

Outdoor: Lawn area directly in front of Palm House can be hired for an additional fee. 

130m2 Exhibition Space 

120 Cocktail

The Trust will clean the venue immediately prior to your occupation. If you would like the venue to be cleaned during your occupation you must arrange this with the Functions Coordinator at least 14 days prior to the start of your exhibition (additional fees apply). The venue must be left clean and tidy in the state in which it was offered.

Decorations or other items cannot be attached to trees, buildings, heritage features or other fixed structures. 

  • 12 Exhibition Panels (1.6 m high x 2.4 m long)
  • 150 Hooks (for hanging of artwork – no nails or screws permitted)
  • 2 Trestle tables
  • 2 Chairs

Rubbish and recycling bin station out the front of the building.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the venue and equipment are not
damaged e.g. paint chipping, etc. Any damage must be paid for. 

Venue Type Duration Recommended Capacity Style Rate (incl GST)
Exhibition Minimum venue hire (12 days starting Monday) 100 Standing $2,050
Additional week (maximum 19 days venue hire). $1,050
Opening Function Opening Function During Garden Opening Hours 120 Cocktail Nil
Opening Function Per Hour After Garden Closing Hours $135
Lawn 3 (as part of opening function) 3 hour booking 50 Standing $160

Mischellaneous Charges

Description Duration Rate
Repainting of Exhibition Panel Per Panel $135
Replacement Hooks Per Hook $8
Bond - All exhibitions   $600
Static ranger, per hour  (4 hours min) $55
Mobile ranger, per hour  (4 hours min) $65
Ranger, public holidays, per hour  (4 hours min) $70


  1. Additional Miscellaneous charges may apply.
  2. Exhibition hours are 10 am – 4 pm daily.
  3. Exhibition panels cannot be removed from the Palm House unless approved in advance. Equipment removal fees apply.
  4. Event Security is required when the duration of an opening function exceeds beyond the closing times of the Gardens.
  5. All fees are inclusive of GST.
  6. Bookings are permitted up to 18 months in advance.
It is the Hirer’s responsibility to arrange any additional furniture for their requirements. 

10 am – 4 pm daily. Access available from 7 am for bump in or bump out. 

Fluorescent lighting with control switches at either end of the Palm House. 

A copy of your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance covering the period of hire for $10 million must be provided. Public Liability Insurance covers individuals, organisations or third parties (groups of people) in the event of a common law claim against injury. It indemnifies yourself, your members (guests) or employees in respect of injury to another person where it is deemed that injury has occurred by negligence on your part, including injury from products that you have produced/created.

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust public liability insurance only protects the policy holder, which is the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust. This insurance covers the public for any events/functions which have been organised solely by the Trust. 

There is no kitchen facility at this venue. Any hot water urn brought in by the Hirer is not to be placed on plastic trestle tables provided with hire or the Palm House to prevent damage to the tables due to urn heat. 

Guest parking is available in metered parking bays on Mrs Macquaries Road.

One complimentary vehicle permit is provided to the Hirer for use in a metered parking bay on Mrs Macquaries Road for the duration of the exhibition.

The phone number for the Palm House is (02) 9231 8092. Dial 0 for an outside line.

If using the phone line to operate an EFTPOS terminal, see Sale of Artwork.

Several 10 amp power points available as per floor plan.

All extension leads are the responsibility of the hirer. 

The Trust must approve in writing all advertising and marketing material in relation to the promotion of your exhibition. All advertising must include the opening hours of 10 am – 4 pm, dates of the exhibition and the location of the Palm House in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. The Trust’s logos and contact numbers must not be included in any advertisements or promotional material.

The Trust offers the opportunity to list your exhibition in Seasonal Calendars and on the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust website when information is received in time and space is available.

The Trust will permit approved flyers to be distributed at the Friends Information Stand, the Garden Shop and Reception areas. Distribution is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

Train: The closest train stations are Martin Place Station and St James Station.

Bus: Bus #441 to the Art Gallery of NSW.

Taxi: Taxi pick up from Mrs Macquaries Road. Client to arrange if required. 

The exhibition panels, tables and chairs will be set up according to the floor plan submitted by the exhibitor. Any additional set up is the responsibility of the Exhibitor. 

The Trust will take no responsibility for the sale of artwork. A venue hire fee is
charged to the exhibitor in advance, therefore no commission of sales is required. If using the phone line to operate an EFTPOS terminal, a line rental fee is applicable. 

Please refer to the Fee section for current pricing. 

A security guard can be provided by the Trust for the duration of the exhibition at the Hirer’s expense. Security is optional while the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney are open however mandatory once they are closed. Please refer to the rate card. A Trust site representative may also be required to escort deliveries to the Palm House.

This will be advised at time of booking.
The Exhibitor must provide staffing for the exhibition during opening hours. 

The exhibitor should provide 7 x laminated A3 portrait signs (approved by the Trust).

The first 6 of these will be attached to both sides of 3 portable signs that will be distributed throughout the Garden directing people to your exhibition. The seventh sign will be placed on the permanent sign space in front of the Palm House. These must be provided to the Venue Management Office in advance and must only be put up by Trust Staff. No additional signage is permitted.

There are electronic signs at the main gates that will advertise Palm House
Exhibitions. There are also maps distributed at main gates that list the Palm House location.

There is strictly no smoking indoors. All cigarette butts must be placed in the receptacles outside. 

There are no toilets at the Palm House. The closest toilets are located at the Palm Grove Centre, approximately 100 metres away. 

All rubbish must be placed in the garbage and recycling bins located outside the venue. Recycling procedures are mandatory. All additional rubbish not placed in the bins must be removed from the site. 

There is one tap located inside the Palm House and another located outside, at the back of the Palm House.

Frequently Asked Questions for Palm House Exhibitions

Q: If I have an exhibition, can I sell my artwork? If so, will you charge a commission?
A: You are welcome to sell your artwork and no, we do not charge commission on any sales.
If using the phone line to operate an EFTPOS terminal, a line rental fee is applicable. Refer to the rate card for current pricing.

Q: What equipment is provided?
A: 12 exhibition panels, 150 hooks, 2 trestle tables and 2 chairs.

Q: How do we hang our artwork?
A: The Trust supplies 150 hooks for hanging artwork from the top of the exhibition panels only. All other hanging equipment including cables (e.g. nylon, wire), connections to the artwork and additional hooks is the responsibility of the hirer.

Q: I don’t need the panels for my exhibition, can you take them away?
A: Yes, you can arrange this in advance with the Venue Management Office. Additional fees may apply.

Q: How do I access the venue?
A: You will need to collect and sign for the venue access card from Reception Monday to Friday. Over the weekend you must contact the Ranger who will provide access to the venue and will issue you with the venue access card.

Q: Can I take the venue access card home with me?
A: No, the venue access card must be left with Reception Monday to Friday and the Rangers on the Weekend.

Q: Can we open the windows?
A: Yes, a key to unlock the windows is provided with the venue access card for the duration of the hire period. Please ensure the windows are closed and locked at the end of the day.

Q: Can I use the lawn in front of the Palm House?
A: Lawn 3 is available for hire, additional fees apply.

Q: Can I have an opening function for my exhibition?
A: Yes, however you must seek approval in advance. We allow an opening function to occur at no additional charge if it is within the operating hours of the Garden. If the time extends beyond the operating hours additional hire fees and security fees will be applicable.

Q: Can I serve alcohol on my opening day/night?
A: Yes, alcohol can be served so long it is not sold. You must have RSA qualified persons serving the alcohol and their relevant certificates must be provided to the Trust in advance.
Further information will be provided in the Licence Agreement.

Q: Where do I park while my exhibition is on?
A: One complimentary parking permit is provided to the hirer for parking along Mrs Macquaries Road. It is valid for the duration of the booking in the Palm House during the open hours of the exhibition.

Q: Is there water at the Palm House?
A: Yes there is a tap located inside the Palm House.

Q: Who do I contact if I have problems on the weekend?
A: The Rangers are on duty on the weekends and their contact number is 0419 270 279. 

To arrange a site inspection or make a booking for the Palm House, please contact the Venue Management Office.

Functions Coordinator
Ph: 02 9231 8111
Email: events@rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au