Wedding Photography Terms

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is a unique environment – Australia’s first botanic garden and oldest scientific institution. Your fees contribute to its upkeep and horticultural, scientific and educational programs. We ask for your care and consideration while conducting your activity.

Please note the following important information and booking conditions:


Your booking times must include set-up and pack-up. All bookings must finish 30 minutes prior to the Garden closing times so you and your guests/suppliers are able to exit before the gates are locked. The Royal Botanic Garden opening times vary seasonally (details are available on our website). If you book your ceremony directly with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, you are permitted to take photos beyond your chosen ceremony site. This means that during your pre-booked time-slot, you’ll be able to have photographs taken throughout the Garden and Domain, with the
exception of spaces pre-booked for other events.

If you are holding your ceremony elsewhere or wish to take wedding photos on a different day or time, you are able to request a permit for wedding photography only. One location will be reserved for your use as a meeting
and starting point, and you are permitted to take wedding photos in any other areas of the Garden or Domain during your booked time slot if they are available. Please note that the Bennelong Lawn, Fleet Steps, Tarpeian Precinct, Palm House, Lion Gate Lodge, Rose Garden, Herb Garden
and all pavilions are unable to be reserved for wedding photography.

We will reserve your chosen location for your exclusive use during your booked time. Should you encounter any problems on the day, including occupation of your reserved site, please contact the rangers on 0419 270 279.


Metered parking is available along Mrs Macquaries Road, Art Gallery Road and Macquarie Street.

Secure undercover parking is available at The Domain Car Park

Opening & Closing Times

The Garden opening hours

All bookings must finish at least 30 minutes prior to closing times so you and your guests are able to leave before the gates are locked.


You should be aware that the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain are community venues and that other non-related activities may occur at the time of your booking. These may include concerts and large community events that are booked throughout the year, either at our venues or
elsewhere in the city. We will endeavour to limit bookings on the day of a major event. If a confirmed event booking exists, we will make the potential impacts known to you at the time of booking. For bookings made well in advance, notification may not be possible at the time of booking. We reserve the right to cancel bookings up to six months in advance of the booking date or relocate a ceremony up to three months in advance of a booking. In the case of cancellations made by us, we will refund any payments made (in full). No further compensation will be payable.

Cancellations unrelated to wet weather:
Cancellations must be sent via email to

  • Cancellations received more than one month prior to your booking will be given a 50% refund of the total fee received.
  • Bookings cancelled less than one month prior to the booked date are non refundable.

Wet weather cancellations:
If you wish to cancel your booking on the actual day of the event due to wet weather, please contact the Venue Services Office on (02) 9231 8172 before midday. If the office is closed, please leave a voicemail. In this instance
your booking will be refunded minus a processing fee. Please refer to the rate card for details. If notification is after midday on the booked date, a refund will not be given. Within 14 days of your booking, you are also
required to confirm the cancellation in writing via email to:


Modifications to the details of your booking may incur a fee to cover administrative costs. Refer to our rate card for details. You will be advised if a fee is applicable on request of changes to your booking.

Cleaning and Care

Please ensure you leave the area clean and tidy, with all rubbish removed from the site when you leave. This reduces any potential danger to our wildlife, allowing us to keep waste disposal costs to a minimum and invest
maximum precious funds into tree conservation, planting and other essential maintenance of heritage features and amenities.

Please do not stand or walk in garden beds or climb trees or structures. Your booking indicates that you accept liability for any damage to property caused by your event and the cost of rectification.

Flora and fauna

The Royal Botanic Garden and Domain are important wildlife refuges. Please do not harass or feed aquatic life or birds, pick flowers, take cuttings of plants or otherwise damage animal or plant life. Fines apply for these actions.


The applicant or any of the associated persons shall indemnify the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust against:
(a) loss of or damage to any property; and
(b) claims by any person against the Trust in respect of personal injury or death, or loss of or damage to any property, arising out of or as a consequence of the applicant’s use of the venue or the venue facilities.

Rangers and security

All requests by our rangers and other RBG authorised staff must be followed with regard to the set-up and pack-away of your equipment. Any equipment left unattended is at your own risk and we take no responsibility for any loss or damage to your property.

Any incidents or accidents should be reported immediately to the ranger by calling 0419 270 279.

All regulations under the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Act 1980 governing the use of the Garden and Domain must be observed.

Trading Terms

We reserve the right to decline wedding photography booking applications and to adjust or vary these terms and conditions without explanation.

Your booking is only confirmed once we have received full payment and you have received a confirmation email. Any subsequent letter or email notifying you of approved or prohibited items will form part of your conditions of hire.

We reserve the right to make the site available to another party if we do not receive payment following a written request for immediate payment.

Fees are GST inclusive unless otherwise specified.

Vehicle Access

Vehicles, including bridal vehicles, are not permitted to enter the Royal Botanic Garden or Domain. Please advise all drivers of this condition.

General Public and Other Events

The Trust will reserve your chosen location and no other bookings will be taken for that location during your booked time. As a venue hirer, you should be aware that other non-related activities may be occurring throughout the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney during your period of use. This includes concerts and large events held throughout the year. Should you encounter any problems on the day including occupation of your site by non bookers, please contact the Rangers on 0419 270 279.

Late Bookings

An application for the use of Trust Lands submitted at short notice may incur a late booking fee or be refused.


To maintain the peace and quiet of the Garden and Domain we welcome low level quiet pre-recorded music or a small (no more than 4 musicians) acoustic ensemble. Bagpipes, drums and other amplification systems (such as electric guitars and keyboards) are not permitted. Please note there is no access to power on lawn areas.

All requests by Trust staff must be adhered to.


Please note your booking is not confirmed until you have paid your hire fee and received a confirmation letter from the Trust. If the fee is not received by the invoiced due date, the Trust reserves the right to cancel a booking and make the site available to another Hirer after one written request for immediate payment. A bond may be charged at the Trust’s discretion. The bond held by the Trust is against damage and non-adherence to the conditions agreed herein. Additional fees may be levied and/or the bond withheld if the booking is not managed in accordance with the contract.


The Trust reserves the right to cancel a booking and will refund any payments received in full. No further compensation will be payable. Any subsequent letter or email from the Trust notifying you of approved or prohibited items, will form part of your agreement with these conditions. All requests by Rangers and other Trust staff must be followed with regard to the set up and pack down of equipment. Any incidents or accidents must be reported immediately to the Ranger on duty. All regulations under the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Act 1980 governing the use of the Garden and the Domain must be observed.