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How to connect

  1. Ensure your laptop, tablet or smartphone is turned on and has wireless enabled

  2. Navigate to your WiFi settings and select _GardensFreeWiFi from the list 

  3. Once the welcome screen appears, enter your details and select connect  

  4. You’ll receive a confirmation once connected and will have access to the internet 

  5. Terms and conditions and privacy policy are available to view on the welcome page 

  6. How was your experience using WiFi? Provide your feedback here



Q: I selected '_GardensFreeWiFi' but I'm still not connected to the WiFi?

A: Our free WiFi only works if you follow the steps listed above. Ensure you have followed all these steps and have logged in. If you’re still experiencing issues, please try again in a few hours.

Q: I cannot see ‘_GardensFreeWiFi'

Free WiFi will only be available within the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and the Domain. If you’re unable to see ‘_GardensFreeWiFi’ on the WiFi list, please move to another location with the Garden or the Domain. Since there are so many possible variations based on your hardware and system set up, please consult your device documentation if you are not sure how to display the WiFi list.

Q: I can't access some sites on the WiFi?

A: The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney does not permit WiFi to be used to access some sites (such as explicit or illegal sites) and has blocked access to these sites. View the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on the Welcome page for more information. 

Q: Why does the WiFi disconnect after 2 hours and why can I only use 150MB max?

A: Time and data limits have been set to ensure fair access and equitable use of the WiFi network by all visitors to the Garden. Free WiFi is offered by the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to enhance visitor experience and enjoyment of the Garden.