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Presented by Fiona Barrett, Mollie Pegler, and Charles Barrett

This exhibition brings together three Artists in a celebration of artistry and imagination encompassing natures imagery.
The artists have used a variety of mediums from the dramatic photograpy of Charles to the vibrant colours of Fiona's works and Mollies unique and beautiful mosiacs with a twist.
The varied works of this exhibition full of colour, movement and excitement will mirror the beauty of the Royal Botanic Garden.

Fiona Barrett is an Artist from Drummoyne who believes that being creative is the essence of life. Painting mostly in Watercolour and using mixed medium., she has attended many workshops and has painted in Provence, Paris, and Croatia. Life, the vibrancy and essence of happiness are captured through her colours. 

Mollie Pegler was inspired to take up mosaics in 2000 after a life working in the scientific world of Sydney University, studying the wonderful mosaics of Rome and Greece.
She has exhibited at galleries around Sydney and has gained highly recommended awards at the Sydney Royal  Easter Show. The natural composition that is seen in the beauty of nature is her inspiration and she works with a group of enthusiastic artists to produce her wonderful portrayals of the birdlife found in natural environments.

Charles Barrett is very aware of what is required to keep this planet sustainable and beautiful. In his travels of the earth Charles, has captured amazing light images, which depict the essence of life and its beauty.
In retirement his time is focused on exploring, capturing, and producing "Life's Moments" both in the visible and infrared spectrums of light. Inspired by the beauty of our planet, the compositional colour, dramatic landscapes, and the sheer beauty of living, Charles loves interesting people, scenes, and just being there for that instantaneous moment.


Monday 10 May - Sunday 23 May 2021


Entry is free


The Calyx


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available