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Fragile Beauty, Rich and Rare

Presented by Pamela Pauline

Informed by a lifelong connection to nature, Pamela Pauline’s most recent bodies of work, entitled “On the Brink” and “Fragile Beauty, Rich and Rare” focus on biodiversity, telling a story not often told – that of Australia’s endangered flora.  With careful research and guidance from expert horticulturalists, she has spent the past eighteen months photographing endangered flora as well as threatened birds at conservation gardens and wildlife refuges throughout Australia.   By co-opting these photographs of vulnerable species into complex contemporary photographic artworks, these two bodies of work not only document, but aim to highlight the biodiversity crisis in an effort to encourage conservation efforts to protect and recover Australian species.
Drawing entirely from photographs of living collections, these works sit somewhere within conceptual, staged, creative and documentary photography.

Pamela Pauline is a visual artist based in Sydney.  Using skills garnered from two decades as a professional portrait, landscape and fine art photographer, Pamela’s technique involves taking hundreds of photographs and then carefully selecting, compositing and layering them to create the final highly detailed compositions. 
Pamela is a Master Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.  Her works have been exhibited in Australia, India, China, New Zealand and the United States and she has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards. 
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Tuesday 6 April - Monday 26 April 2021


Entry is free


The Calyx


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available