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Virtual experience

Infinite Herbarium

Caroline Rothwell invites you to participate in a botanical experience across art, science and machine learning.

Infinite Herbarium aims to expand our experience of the vast, diverse botanical world - creating connectivity to plants and their threatened ecosystems.

Through a process of interactive learning and art production, participants' encounters with real world plants are filtered through data sets and historical archives using a combination of Machine Learning (ML) techniques. Connections across botany, data and art seed imaginative encounters with curious hybrid species - creating a digital reflection of the constant flux of living systems.

Using similar technology to that which powers Google Lens, participants are invited to create a plant ‘morph’. Two plants are identified. The visual characteristics of those plants are fed into a ML model that has been trained to generate mutating plant images through exposure to scientific illustration data, made available in the open source Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Caroline Rothwell has developed a multi-channel projection and participatory experience based on the plant morphs created via Infinite Herbarium. Launching at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia as part of The National 2021: New Australian Art and concurrently at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.



The Calyx
The Royal Botanic Garden
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney
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