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Draft Master Plan

In 2014 we began work on the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Master Plan. This is the first time a master plan had been developed for the Garden and Domain after nearly 200 years of existence. The proposals outlined in the draft plan build on more than 10 years of stakeholder and visitor engagement.

We have undertaken a wide range of public and stakeholder consultation on the initial draft proposals, and received a high level of interest and engagement with the community through public exhibitions, surveys, focus groups, on-site and online communications and media interviews.

The initial draft master plan provided a numerous proposals that sought to explore long-term improvements that would create a sustainable future for these vital public spaces.

The brief for the master plan concepts was to ensure the exceptional heritage, scientific and cultural aspects of the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney and Domain are maintained or enhanced for public enjoyment, education and recreation. It also emphasises the Royal Botanic Garden’s core values of horticulture and science. 

Each individual proposal in the eventual Master Plan will be subject to rigorous conservation, environmental, heritage and archaeological assessment and analysis before any approval is granted.

Progress report

Following the most recent round of consultation, and to better understand the mixed and varied responses received (both positive and negative) we commissioned a report to investigate how to approach the next stage of consultation, and how we can improve the communications process. You can read the report here.

Next stage

We are currently assessing feedback received on various draft Plan proposals and exploring alternative approaches to some of these.